Although the Saint Paul area was settled by people of Swedish origin more than 100 years ago, the area's cuisine offers a delightful blend of game, Nordic tradition and international flavors. If you're a foodie or food tourist, you'll delight in exploring new flavors and combinations, such as pot pie, pasties and game with wild rice. Traditional pho and the surprising flavors in St. Paul sandwiches offer a unique blend of international and local flavors.

When you arrive on secret food tours, you'll get to skip the lines. You won't visit any tourist traps. Instead, you'll visit down-to-earth, family-owned and operated restaurants off the beaten path. You'll be able to visit the kitchen and see your meal as it's made. Food tours in Saint Paul offer a fun way to try something new, celebrate a special event or break out of your food rut.

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Minnesota State Capitol building, Saint Paul
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