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Hong Kong is a huge foodie-hub full of delicious dishes from all over the world but its the fantastic local Cantonese food that truly shows off our amazing city.

If you don't speak the language getting food and knowing what to order can be very confusing. But fear not, by booking our Hong Kong Tin Hau Tour, our food experts will take you on an adventurous culinary journey with mouth-watering local delicacies, interesting culture and show the best hidden restaurants only known by locals.

Discover traditional Chinese food originating from Northern China to Southern China, modified by Hong Kong locals in their westernised city; truly an East meets West experience.

Be entertained with stories of the city's history and culture; food for thought as well as the stomach! As with all our tours, there is a secret dish, which you will only find out about on the day.

Upgraded Drinks Package

For those 21 and over with a valid ID, we are pleased to offer a wine package, 2 drinks including the Famous Tsing Tao Beer, best to match with the Roasted Goose and a glass of Chinese Yellow Rice wine (Zhejiang Gu Yue long Shan "Shaoxing Wine" ) to be served at Dim Sum Restaurant. This can only be purchased in addition to the food tour is not available by itself. For more details, click here

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Hong Kong Culinary food tour

Hong Kong

Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Hong Kong

This tour takes you to Tin Hau area, situated at the heart of the city. Having a perfect contrast of busy city life with quiet neighborhoods, the area serves various kinds of local cuisines and is most popular for Beef brisket & Roasted goose dishes.

During the three and a half hour tour, our Hong Kong gastronomy guide will take you and your family or friends to experience our local life with visits to temples, a traditional paper shop and old market stores where you can broaden your horizons with unimaginable surprises.

Be sure to start with a huge appetite, as you will get to devour a full range of food delights from beef brisket soup with rice noodles to roasted goose, shanghai pan-fried buns to Dim Sum.

After the three-hour adventurous food tour, you will find yourself in love with the city, and an activity definitely ticked from your bucket list.

About Our Hong Kong Food Tour

Hong Kong Secret Food Tour

Hong Kong

Tin Hau Food Tour


Hong Kong Food Tour

Tin Hau does not refer to a formal district but to an area so called by Hong Kongers due to its proximity to the Tin Hau Temple. You will love how close the area is to everything, and at the same time how it showcases the locals' most loved traditional foods.

This tour is perfect for Hong Kong classic food lovers, and for discovering our culture & history within one adventure. You will realize our unique features and how they shape our living area. On our tours we connect you with Hong Kong Tin Hau area on a personal level - tasting and learning about the food that the local residents line up at and are happy to share.

Hong Kong food tour

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