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When you join our Secret Food Tour: Denver, we'll show you a side of Denver most tourists never get to see. Our guides will take you through the vibrant arts district and the historical city center on a quest to discover the best local delicacies this city has to offer. Alongside the delicious food, throughout our journey you'll be able to observe the Germanic influences in the architecture and parks that we'll explore. The diversity within the local population has led to a huge variety of cuisine, the best of which we have handpicked for this tour. Our selection represents the embodiment of Denver's contemporary culinary scene, as well as its rich (and tasty) history.

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For those 21 and older with a valid ID, we are thrilled to offer some of Denver's best cocktails, wines, and beers, to pair with the food you'll be served. For more details, click here.

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Food Tour Denver

Our guides will take you down the historic streets of Denver for a 3 ½ hour gastronomy adventure, sampling the best local food in the city, as well as exploring some of the fascinating areas of historical significance dating back to the days of gold prospectors and frontiersmen.

The cowboys, saloon girls, and bandits of olde may have faded into history, but the town they left behind has evolved into a thriving metropolis filled with diverse culture and, of course, delicious food. After 3 ½ hours with our guides, you'll feel like a local and will have dined at some of our favourite foodie spots and hidden restaurants. Plus with all our tours, there's our Secret Dish, which will only be revealed on the tour.

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Denver Secret Food Tour


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Denver Food Tour

Explore hidden Denver with a true insider. You will walk along historic streets first made famous by prospectors, miners, entrepreneurs, and architects, during the Colorado Gold Rush and infamous by the confidence men, madames, saloon girls, and bank robbers of the once Wild Wild West. Modern Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and with the boom has come an incredibly rich and ethnically diverse culinary scene. Denver is home to Slow Food Nation and a strong locavore movement. Coloradoans are extremely passionate about their food and beverages. We'll take you to some of Denver's best spots where you'll dine like a local with the locals, highlighting the history and what makes each place unique. Along the way, we'll show you how to find Denver's most iconic shopping and award-winning restaurants, and many other great local tips to make your experience truly memorable.


Denver Food Tour

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