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When you join our Miami Beach food tourwe will show you a side of South Beach most people never see. Your experience will include some of the best food that represents this culturally diverse district. Our guides take you to South of 5th, an area locals go to relax and enjoy Miami away from the busy tourist districts. Miami is a city built by immigrants from Latin America, Cuba, and the Caribbean. As each culture found a new home in this part of America, they took their traditional cuisines and used local ingredients to create unique dishes for their new home.

Let our experienced guides take you on a journey that will be the highlight of your Miami experience.

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For those 21 and older with a valid ID, we are thrilled to offer some of Miami's best cocktails that pair with the food selections we have carefully selected for you. For more details about the drink selections. For more details click here

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Miami Culinary food tour


Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Miami

As our food journey begins, our first stop will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about queso. Our local version is served over savory black beans and fresh guacamole. Next, we visit one of the city's oldest restaurants to experience an award-winning fried chicken, Miami style. After our first two savory stops, we refresh our palettes with a visually stunning and tropical delight. No visit to Miami would be complete without sampling a Cuban sandwich. Let our guide take you to the best place in the city to experience this Miami creation, served alongside a tropical fruit juice tasting in an outdoor marketplace that is frequented by local Cubans. As we finish our tour, our guide will take you to one of the best places to experience a key lime pie in a location with a view of the ocean as good as the pie.

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Miami Secret Food Tour


South Beach Food Tour


Miami Food Tour

South Beach is more than your memories of "Miami Vice." It is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami, rich in history and botanical beauty. In the South of 5th neighborhood, we introduce you to a community that has maintained its original charm while incorporating the cultures that continue to shape and change the face of Miami. After this three-hour tour with a knowledgeable local guide, you will feel like a local. Locals have an appreciation of this waterfront wonderland and all of the treasures and flavors it has to offer.

Miami food tour

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