Learn about the food scene and culture in Osaka from our food enthusiasts who will explain the interesting stories behind local classic delicacies such as 'Okonomiyaki'(Japanese Savory Pancake) and 'Kushikatsu'(Deep-fried skewered).

Discover the traditions and social functions of Japanese food inTenjinbashi-suji area. With this unique culinary experience, our guides will educate you about how local food has developed into a regional unique style. Eating in Osaka is more than providing substance for the body, it also includes an appreciation for custom and tradition for how the food is sourced, prepared, and enjoyed by the local Japanese people.

By booking our Osaka Tenjinbashi Food Tour, our food experts will take you away from the ever so classic areas of Dotonbori, Shinsekai or Kuromon Market on an adventurous food journey with delicious and mouth-watering local delicacies. Be entertained with stories of the city's and culture; food for thought as well as the body! As with all our tours, there is a secret dish, which you will only find out about on the day of the tour.

Upgraded Drinks Package

For those 20 and over with a valid ID, we are pleased to offer a special alcohol package, including an award-winning, locally brewed craft beer, a bigger-sized beer option best to pair with Okonmiyaki, and a glass of Chuhai, Japanese lemonade type of sake to be served with beef Kushikatsu. This can only be purchased in advance of the food tour and is not available by itself. For more details, click here

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Tenjinbashi suji is a perfect spot for those who care for local food and cultural exploration. It is an interesting and unique area to dig deep into distinctive Osaka-ish cuisine and atmosphere, where you are highly likely to come across some undiscovered gems of Osaka.

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Osaka, Japan, is a culinary paradise known for its vibrant street food scene and hearty local dishes like takoyaki and okonomiyaki. A walking tour through lively neighborhoods like Dotonbori showcases its rich food culture, dynamic nightlife, and welcoming atmosphere, making it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

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