Istanbul Secret Food Tour

Istanbul Secret Food Tour

When you take the Istanbul Secret Food Tour you will experience the most charming, less traveled areas. Let us share with you the food and culture of this amazing historic city. Only on our tour you will dine with the locals and gain a unique perspective of this amazing city. As you stroll through time, you will taste the flavors that have shaped Turkey over the centuries.

Upgraded Drink Package

For those 18 and over with a valid ID we are pleased to offer a drink package including our very special Special Beer made to pair with the Kokorech for our tour. Only for the evening tour! For more details click here

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On this four-hour journey, our local guides will educate you about some of the city's most quintessential dishes. Learn the evolution and history of Turkish foods, each bite you savour will be a taste of history.

On our tour, learn how a lizard became an alligator and the city of the blind became the most desirable area for locals. With our tour, you will experience the best Doner, Lahmacun, Mehemen and a variety of other delights. As we conclude the tour, and you are very full we introduce our secret bite.

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Secret Food Tour Istanbul


Kadikoy Food Tour


Secret Food Tours Istanbul

After your Istanbul Secret Food Tour experience you will feel like a local. Kadikoy is a charming enclave within the bustling city and has maintained its originality in the midst of modern adaptation. This waterfront wonderland is the perfect place to spend a day eating and learning about Istanbul.

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