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We are Parisians who are wildly passionate about French cuisine and we would be delighted to share our love of food with you. By booking on our award-winning Paris Food Tour, you will have the opportunity to experience our passion and enjoy quality French food and wine, finding out why eating and drinking are not just a pastime but a "way of life" here in France.

Paris Food Tour

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Culinary food tour Paris

Food Tour Paris

Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Paris

You and your group will embark on a three-hour French gastronomy tour. Food, wine and a professional tour of the city are all included in the price. Once our local and passionate guide concludes our food tour in Paris, you will leave with a stomach full of delectable French food and some additional local knowledge and sightseeing tips, to enhance the pleasure of your trip that will last with you for a lifetime.

Besides, with all our tours, there is our Secret Dish, which you can only find out about on the day.

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The elevated Montmartre district and Le Marais district are both renowned for their history and culture. These two districts feature a wide variety of gourmet shops that allows us to introduce you to the full spectrum of French cuisine, all set in these two beautiful and historic areas.

Paris food tours

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