Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure on our Secret Food Tours in Stockholm! With each bite, you'll taste the essence of Swedish culture and history, making memories to savor long after the tour ends. So come join us as we explore the flavors of Stockholm, one delicious bite at a time!

Our adventure begins in the heart of Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old Town: from delicate herring dishes to savory local treats, we'll explore the flavors that have shaped Swedish cuisine for centuries.

We'll uncover the fascinating history of Stockholm: from the majestic Royal Palace to the quaint alleyways lined with colorful buildings, every corner of Gamla Stan holds a story waiting to be discovered.

Next, we'll venture into Norrmalm, Stockholm's bustling modern district, where trendy cafes, gourmet restaurants, and food markets await.

Amidst high-end shops, quaint cafes, and historic landmarks, we'll delve into Viking history, music legends like Abba, Avicii and more and, of course, the super strong Pippi Longstocking.

But wait, there's more! We'll treat your taste buds to some stops dedicated to Stockholm’s sweet delights, a cherished tradition that beckons indulgence throughout the day.

If you want to perfect your experience, we offer a well-structured Upgraded Drinks Package

Explore our Stockholm Food Tours

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Stockholm Food Tour

On our Secret Food Tour: Stockholm, Embark on a Stockholm food tour to savor innovative Nordic cuisine, traditional Swedish flavors, and discover hidden gems. Unearth the culinary treasures with Stockholm Food Tours.

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3 hours Stockholm, Sweden 6 stops 10 people max
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