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"See Napoli and then die!" said the ancient travelers, dazed by the amazing beauty of the views, by the life and the colors in the streets, and especially by the flavors and the variety of the foods. Luckily for us, traditions and history are still alive in the small streets of the city center. This colorful, exuberant city is home to all the foodstuffs that most commonly signify Italy – pizza, pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella, and gelato.

By booking our Naples Secret Food Tour, you will be taken to places where the locals eat, introduced to new food experiences, and taught how to be Neapolitan while visiting our city. During the tour, we'll focus our time in the beautiful and still authentic Rione Sanità and downtown areas.

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Naples food

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Naples Culinary food tour


Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Naples (Napoli)

You and your friends will embark on a 3 ½ hour true Neapolitan gastronomy tour. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit different areas of Napoli: the very popular Rione Sanità and the local market, the historic center and the Decumani area. On our tour you will gain real insight on the architectural beauties and hidden gems where only local people go for food. By booking our food tour, you will have the opportunity to discover what the real Neapolitan food experience is. We'll educate you about how the locals dine out and what makes the food culture here so unique. As we progress through the tour, we'll walk through streets that are a living part of our history, where every building, street, and place has a story to tell. The price includes 10 stops, all food and drinks, and a professional English-speaking local guide. Your guide has a deep knowledge of the history of Napoli, of the city's food scene, and of its traditions and superstitions. Once you've concluded your tour, you will be full in mind, body, and spirit of all things beautiful Napoli has to offer. Plus, all of our tours include a Secret Dish which you can only find out about on the tour.

About Our Naples Secret Food Tours

Naples Secret Food Tour


Rione Sanità Food Tours


Naples Food Tour

We take you to several areas in Naples, providing a local's perspective on our food culture and why we love our city. The Sanità area is the place where many native Neapolitans live. All your senses will be engaged, from the colors, to the sounds, the aromas, and the physical presence of historic homes built for nobility. From here we head to the old Neapolitan-Roman historic center to discover "i vicoli di Napoli", the backstreets where you can hear the sound of the artisans working, or smell the perfumes of homemade cuisine.

Our next area is Decumani. Soak up the stunning beauty of palaces and churches, lovingly created and maintained for over 100 years, and still in use. We know you will love our food, we know you will love our history. But the real treasure of Naples is its richest popular culture of Italy.

Naples food tour

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