Not just another classic beer tour, when you join our tour of Brussels be prepared to delve in the depth and richness of the Belgian cuisine with a full array of flavours, both sweet and savoury.

On this journey you will spoil your taste buds as we will show you how Belgium used its ideal geographical situation to pick from its neighbours and create its own unique style of cuisine Our passionate guide will take you to a memorable epicurean journey.

Wander through the UNESCO World heritage site, while enjoying the aromas of a freshly baked waffle, learn the difference between French fries and Frites, and taste a beef stew with a Flemish twist to it. Immerse yourself into this multicultural city where French, German and Dutch traditions blend together.

By choosing our tour in Brussels you’ll discover the best Belgian artisans and enjoy this world renowned cuisine, but come empty belly so you can enjoy everything, and yes, we will also serve you tasty beer !

pasta with brussels sprouts and mushroom
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Secret Food Brussels
Brussels Food Tour

Spoil you taste buds in Brussels, where culinary wonders await ! Our passionate local guide will take you to a epicurean journey in this architectural and unique city. Wander through the historical Grand place, a UNESCO World heritage site, while enjoying the aromas of a freshly baked waffle.

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3 hours Brussels City 6 stops 12 people max
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Brussels, Belgium, is a foodie delight with its world-famous chocolates, waffles, and diverse cuisine. A walking tour reveals charming streets, historic landmarks, and bustling markets, offering an authentic taste of Belgian culture. Indulge in gourmet experiences and discover hidden culinary gems in this vibrant, welcoming city.