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Bangkok is the street food capital of the world. Outside of the tourist areas not knowing the language can be a real handicap, however we navigate for you, guiding you through the real food of Thailand eaten daily, by the locals. (Hint: It's not Pad Thai)

By booking our Bangkok Food Tours you will discover the neighborhood food as we visit food stalls and small venues beloved by the Thai who live in this district.

We top off your visit with a couple of tastes from the North including a most delicious Green Papaya salad with salted egg.

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Bangkok Culinary food tour


Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Bangkok

Now not all Thai food is spicy, however you always have the option to make it spicy. The daring may eat like the locals and pop the raw garlic clove and hot pepper into your mouth before imbibing.

Our secret dish remains a Secret til the day of the tour. We can promise you that it is the childhood (and current) favorite of our local manager. This dish has been passed on through multiple generations and is still the daily bread, (rice actually) of the local people.

About Our Bangkok Food Tour

Bangkok Secret Food Tour


Tok Lom Moo Food Tour


Bangkok Food Tour

Our tour takes you to a little known neighborhood in the shadow of Chinatown. Historically known as the place where the pigs are kept the area is now called Tok Lom Moo, and no longer a butcher area but a real Thai neighborhood.

3 hours of variety, conversation, history and the experience of living like a local for a day.

Bangkok food tour

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