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Learn about the food scene and culture in Tokyo from our food enthusiasts who will explain the interesting stories behind local delicacies such as 'yakitori'(skewed chicken) and 'gyoza'(fried dumplings with minced meat and vegetables).

Discover the traditions and social functions of Japanese food in Ueno, Tokyo. With this unique culinary experience, our guides will educate you about the delicate nuances of flavor changing profiles as seasons change. Eating in Tokyo is more than providing substance for the body, it also includes an appreciation for custom and tradition for how the food is sourced, prepared, and enjoyed by the local Japanese people.

By booking our Tokyo Ueno Food Tour, our food experts will take you on an adventurous food journey with delicious and mouth-watering local delicacies. Be entertained with stories of the city's history and culture; food for thought as well as the body! As with all our tours, there is a secret dish, which you will only find out about on the day of the tour.

Upgraded Drinks Package

For those 20 and over with a valid ID, we are pleased to offer a wine package, 2 drinks including a refreshing Japanese Draft Beer best to pair with Gyoza, and a glass of traditional Japanese sake to be served in our secret place. This can only be purchased in additional to the food tour and is not available by itself. For more details, click here

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Tokyo Culinary food tour


Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tours


Food Tour Tokyo

This tour takes you to the Ueno area, situated at the north-east center of the city. This unique area is known for its shops and restaurants that maintain a local flare and incorporate the culinary tradition of Japanese cooking.

During the three-hour culinary tour, our local English-speaking guide will provide you with an experience of local life. We will visit temples, shrines, and a traditional Japanese tea shop. Our journey will include the old market streets that are full of the unexpected. One area of particular interest includes many taverns where locals gather to enjoy food, company, local gossip and a relaxed atmosphere. As part of this experience you will have an opportunity to enjoy the contrast within Ueno Park. This large protected forest includes historical sites and cultural facilities all designed to showcase the high standards of Japanese culture. Be sure to join our tour hungry! As we progress through our experience we will savour a full range of Japanese delicacies, everything from an unexpected beef croquette, fried dumplings (gyoza), grilled skewered chicken (yakitori), and fresh fruits.

After the three-hour adventurous excursion, you will find yourself falling in love with this city, our food, our traditions, and our culture. If having a meaningful experience in Japan is on your bucket list, then this tour is a must do.

About Our Tokyo Food Tour

Tokyo Secret Food Tour


Ueno Food Tour


Tokyo Food Tour

Ueno is a perfect neighborhood for those who care for good food and cultural exploration. It is an interesting and unique area combines chaos and serenity, downtown and natural beauty, modernity and tradition. One can stroll through Ameya-Yokocho within Ueno, where you will find countless food stalls serving delicious good food with big welcoming smile.

This tour is most suitable for Japanese classic food lovers, and for discovering our culture & history within one adventure. You will realize our unique features and how they shape our living. On our food tours, we connect you with Tokyo Ueno area on a personal level – tasting and learning about the food that the local residents live up at and are delighted to share.

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