While the world comes to Milan for fashion, we encourage you to return home with memories of our renowned city's outstanding cuisine. To discover the tastes only Milan's true foodies know, choose our expertly curated Milan secret food tours.

Even if you've previously dined in Milan, you'll thoroughly enjoy our unique journey through this Italian gem's dining landscape. You will taste local dishes that offer authentic flavors, and you'll discover the region's top food trends on our Milan food tours. Be prepared to sample the fruits of Lombardy vineyards, too. Notably, our tours give you exclusive access, so you can see what goes into preparing some of Milan's favorite menu items.

You're going to remember your trip to Milan for the rest of your life. We'll help you include the city's amazing food in your favorite memories. Make reservations for your Milan secret food tours today!

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Milan Food Tour

On our Secret Food Tours: Milan, you’ll enjoy a vast variety of dishes and drinks deriving from the “Milanese” tradition. You’ll try a delicious local pie , which will get you some sugar energies before starting the tour.

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3 - 3½ hours Front of the FS Porta Di Genova 6/7 stops 10 people maximum