Get To Know 3 Of Our Most Sought-After Secret Food Tours!

Are you a food enthusiast with an adventurous spirit? Do you enjoy exploring new cities and discovering the culinary gems they have to offer? If so, our Secret Food Tours are a must-try experience for you!  With thoughtfully curated itineraries that showcase the best local flavors and fascinating historical tidbits, these tours are designed to awaken your senses and immerse you in the vibrant food culture of each destination.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to three of our most sought-after Secret Food Tours: the New York Greenwich Secret Food Tour, the Paris Montmartre Secret Food Tour, and the London Bridge Food Tour.

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other!

 New York Greenwich Secret Food Tour

The Greenwich area of New York City is steeped in rich history and charm. Originally settled by the Dutch in the 17th century, this neighborhood has witnessed the transformation of New York from a small trading post into a bustling metropolis. Greenwich Village, in particular, became a hub for artists, writers, and bohemians in the 19th and 20th centuries, with its streets and charming brownstone buildings providing an idyllic backdrop for creative minds. Today, the area is known for its vibrant cultural scene, lively nightlife, and, of course, its diverse culinary offerings.

Greenwich Village has long been a haven for food lovers, with a mix of iconic eateries and trendy culinary hotspots. It has been a center of culinary innovation, attracting chefs and food enthusiasts from around the world. From the historic Italian-American restaurants that have been serving up traditional dishes for generations to the trendy fusion cuisine spots pushing the boundaries of gastronomy, Greenwich Village is a melting pot of flavors and culinary traditions. 

Exploring the food scene here is like taking a journey through the history of New York’s vibrant dining culture.

When you join our New York Greenwich Secret Food Tour, you not only get to taste the delicious dishes that have become synonymous with the neighborhood but also discover the stories behind them. Our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating tales of the area’s culinary heritage, highlighting the influences that have shaped its unique food culture. From the immigrant communities that brought their traditional recipes to the neighborhood to the innovative chefs who have reimagined classic dishes, the history of Greenwich Village is intricately intertwined with its food scene. Prepare to embark on a journey of flavors and stories that will deepen your appreciation for both the food and the neighborhood itself.

What you will eat:

New York-style bagel with a “schmear”;

Classic Falafel;

The best New York pizza;

Gourmet Cookie;

Mouth-watering Cupcake and

Our delicious Secret Dish;

Guests Score: 4.99/5

Paris Montmartre Secret Food Tour

Nestled on a hilltop in Paris, Montmartre is a neighborhood with a rich artistic and cultural history. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Montmartre was a thriving bohemian enclave, attracting renowned artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec. The neighborhood’s vibrant atmosphere and stunning views of the city inspired many of these artists, and their presence shaped Montmartre into a hub of creativity and artistic expression.

Beyond its artistic legacy, Montmartre also has a fascinating culinary history. The neighborhood was once home to a diverse mix of immigrants, including artists, writers, and working-class families. This multicultural influence has left an indelible mark on Montmartre’s food scene. From the neighborhood’s humble beginnings as a haven for artists and creatives to its present-day reputation as a culinary destination, Montmartre has always been a place where flavors and cultures converge.

As you stroll through its streets, your local guide will regale you with stories of Montmartre’s past, from the birth of cabaret and the iconic Moulin Rouge to the hidden corners where artists found inspiration. 

Discover the fascinating tales behind the local shops and food establishments as you sample the finest cheeses, wines, crepes, and pastries. Each bite will transport you to a different era, allowing you to experience the rich cultural tapestry that has shaped Montmartre into the culinary gem it is today.

What you will eat:

Best French cheeses;

Fresh Pastries;


Authentic Macarons;

Artisan chocolates;

Finest Cured Meats;

Freshly Baked Breads and

Our Delicious Secret Dish.

Guests Score: 4.99/5


London Bridge Food Tour

London Bridge, with its iconic bridge and historical significance, is a place where the past and present seamlessly coexist. The area has been a hub of activity for centuries, serving as a vital river crossing and a center of trade and commerce. Its strategic location on the River Thames made it a crucial part of London’s development, with the original bridge dating back to Roman times.

The history of the London Bridge area is closely tied to the growth and evolution of the city itself. From medieval times to the present day, the neighborhood has witnessed significant events and transformations. It was a bustling marketplace in the Middle Ages, attracting merchants from near and far to trade goods and produce. 

Over the years, the area around London Bridge has seen the rise and fall of businesses, the reconstruction of the bridge multiple times, and the development of iconic landmarks such as the Tower of London.

Today, the London Bridge area continues to thrive as a vibrant cultural and culinary destination. It has undergone extensive redevelopment, with modern buildings blending seamlessly with historic architecture. 

Our London Bridge Food Tour offers a chance to not only taste the flavors of this dynamic neighborhood but also uncover its intriguing past. As you savor classic British dishes, your knowledgeable guide will share stories about the area’s history, from the origins of Fish & Chips as a staple of British cuisine to the traditions behind Sausage Rolls and Bacon & Egg Baps. The tour is a journey through time, allowing you to appreciate the deep-rooted culinary heritage that has shaped London Bridge into the amazing food scene it is today.

What you will eat:

Finest Bacon and egg bap;

Traditional sausage roll;

The best Fish and chips;

A Selection of British cheeses, fruit, crackers and chutney;

Sticky toffee pudding and

Our delicious Secret Dish.

Guests Score: 5/5

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