Most Popular Hamburgers Types Globally

Hamburgers are a national culinary treasure, and visitors are bound to find a delicious local iteration of this dish in any state or city they visit. Typically, the burger is accompanied by creamy cheese, fried onions, cheddar cheese, creamy cheese spreads, and caraway bacon sauerkraut. One of the most favorable ways of introducing your taste buds to the ingredients and flavors of a foreign culinary scene found abroad is by grabbing a burger, and it is one of the most popular foods found in the region.Moreover, most international burger restaurants are committed to bringing out the best of this delicacy by applying different recipes through adopting homemade cooking trends, incorporating indigenous ingredients, buying meat from nearby farms, and adopting creative flavor partnerships to produce unexpected results. Hamburgers are a fast food classic that has made their way to new levels over the past years, and every from trendy street food and fancy restaurants cannot wait to get their hands on this gem.

Long story short, a burger is one food that no one turns down because of its crispy flavor and the enticing cheese that drips from its insides when bitten.

The following are the most popular hamburgers types globally:

1.Fluff Screamer

Originating from Girardville, Pennsylvania, this unique American burger consists of burger buns, raw onions, a meat patty, chili sauce, a dab of butter, and marshmallow fluff. Depending on your desires, you can add American cheese to the burger for an amazing taste experience. This delicious burger was an invention of one of the customers at Tony’s Lunch who would often request the addition of some fluff on her bugger.

After eating to your fill, wash the burger with a glass of TrueMoo chocolate milk. While at Tony’s, there are no clear methods of placing orders. You only have to walk in, pick a number from the counter and immediately place your order at the cash register. The “quick cheese” on the screamer is an American cheese slice that marries with a bun, a generous butter knob, and a hot patty because of its unmelted nature. Do not forget the fluff, as it is the main character in this dish.

2.Poached Burger

Originating from Prairie du Chien, this American variety burger is made at Pete’s Hamburgers and is the only place you can get a burger of this kind. The meat added to this burger is poached in shallow hot water as it has always been the norm with the owner, Pete Gokey. This procedure is done to keep the burgers moist due to the drying out of the patties that would sit for a while.

The water pan used to cook the meat is filled with a generous amount of sliced onions that serve to flavor the patties and the liquid. Next, the cooked meat is placed into a bakery roll with an onion scoop, and the burgers are finally finished with a horseradish mustard squirt. The main ingredients in this burger include:

• Burger bun
• Beef
• Mustard
• Onion.

Interestingly, no cheese is added to this burger because it is difficult to melt over a poached patty. Other than Pete’s e Stand, this tantalizing burger can also be eaten at Joe Rouer’s Bar.


It is a burger variety with Cuban origins and an invention that took place during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. The burgers consisted of Cuban rolls, onions, ground beef, julienned potatoes, and seasonings such as pimenton or smoked paprika. After opening a joint in Miami, Ramon Esteville introduced the burger at his small eatery in 1962. It rapidly grew to become the local’s favorite store to eat and take away the Frita burger.

Up to date, the El Ray De Las Fritas is Miami’s most popular joint for Fritas, which consist of red onions, a soft bun, ground beef, a spicy tomato sauce, and salty shoestring potatoes. The Fritas joint is famous for its consistent food quality and the staff’s top-notch services. The Cuban Hamburger is also sometimes draped in cumin, oregano base, and flavorful garlic, and it has immensely become popular to achieve record as the joint’s signature meal.

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4.Chili Burger

This is a variety of hamburger that constitutes a meat patty and a bun topped with chili corn carne, which can also be served as a side dish. Some places serve this burger to their customers while open-faced, often topped with onions and cheese. Usually, this burger is served with fries as an additional accompaniment, and the combination is perfect. The main ingredients found in chili burgers include:

• Burger bun
• Onion
• Tomato
• Beef
• Cheese.

Many believe that the chili burger can be traced back to the 1920s and was invented in Los Angeles by Thomas M. DeForest. Over time, more stores have been making delicious and widely known snack dishes, such as Stacked Samui, Ground Cover, and Corna Bistro.

5.Onion Burger

Invented during the 1920s, the Oklahoma onion burger is achieved by smashing thin onion slides in a beef patty. The onions and meat cook together until the onions are crispy and caramelized. Usually, the burger has pickles, mustard or mayonnaise, and American cheese added to it, making it all fluffy and soft. A good accompaniment for this burger would be crisp and flavorful French fries topped with chili or cheese.

The Oklahoma onion burger was believed to be invented when meat was relatively expensive. Still, the onions were cheap, and people started to smash them into the meat by using the back of a spatula. Preferably, you can also add some mushrooms, tomato, and bacon to the burger. One is never enough for anyone who can distinguish the taste of this dish from that of ordinary burgers. Some of the restaurants that prepare this delicacy are such as:

• J & W Grill
• Little Mike’s Hamburgers
• Bunny’s Onion Burgers – North

These restaurants are frequented not only because of the burger but also because the staff are friendly and go off when producing quality services.

6.Australian Burger

The Australian burger has become an institution in many cafes, restaurants, and pubs in Australia and is believed to have been invented during the 940s. Also, this is the time that beetroot was used as one of the ingredients in the burger alongside meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. The inclusion of canned beetroot in the Australian burger was facilitated by the cropping up of canneries which took place in the 19430s and 1940s. To date, there have been heated discussions about the incorporation of beetroot into the burger, with others claiming it’s a travesty and others saying it’s obligatory.

Burgers with beetroot as one of their ingredients were more popular during the 1950s and 1960s, but their popularity began to fade when fast-food restaurants such as Hungry Jacks and McDonald’s started. The main ingredients in this burger are beef, burger bun, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. For the best Australian burgers, be sure to visit Fat Bob’s, BenBry Burgers, Burger Project, or Andrew’s Hamburgers.

7.Elk Burger

The US is famous for its wide collection of creative recipes, including a succulent meat patty in a bun, and the elk burger appears to be Montana’s beloved dish. Montana is famous for its variety of game meat, especially the elk, and juicy elk burgers appear to be one of the dishes that are lucky enough to have this ingredient.

Compared to the burgers made using beef, the elk burgers are not only higher in protein but are also delicious and equally tender. Moreover, elk has low-fat content, and it is important not to overcook it during preparation. Its slightly sweet flavor goes well with any classic burger topping. When putting up an order, ensure you settle on medium rare because elk meat is prone to drying easily.

The main ingredients in this burger include:

• Elk
• Onions
• Tomatoes
• Burger bun
• Lettuce

Juicy Lucy

The Juicy Lucy burger is a Minneapolis favorite and is a twist of flavor and class where the cheese is melted inside the patty. The cheese stuffed inside this burger requires skills for you to eat it correctly without getting your mouth burnt, and it equally leaves you with an exquisite experience.

This renowned delicacy is claimed to have been invented by two eateries, but it has been the people’s favorite since time immemorial and consists of interesting ingredients such as:

• Beef
• Cheese
• Pickled vegetable
• Worcester sauce
• Salt
• Bread
• Garlic
• Black pepper.

If you are looking out to have the best of this burger variety, you can pay a visit to Matt’s Bar and Grill, 5-8 Club, or The Nook, located in St. Paul in the US.

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