Katz Orange: Substantial, creative and upscale

“It’s good when you are drunk” is a rejoinder heard many times when asking the locals in Berlin where to eat. And it is quite true, there is a pleasing plethora of spots that require a little lubrication to appreciate fully.

But sometimes all of us need a meal a little more substantial, creative and upscale. We want to sit down and be taken care of and revel in something delicious. So let us proceed to Katz Orange.

Expect nothing from the service. Your reservation is likely to be lost, your table not ready, and your server will likely range from not much caring, to not caring at all.

Adopt the same attitude and relax, you might be here a while. And if you get the server that cares just a little and is bilingual, then celebrate and have a second glass of wine. Remind yourself you are here for the food, not the ‘service’.

This was my third time dining at Katz, the chef is from San Francisco and he uses the best of the local ingredients to create his signature Bone Candy. Slow cooked meat perfectly seasoned and filled with such a bevy of taste you will eat slowly enjoying every bite.

Short Ribs, Pork Ribs, Lamb with Garlic and Cilantro, this is the place for Carnivores. Even the most delicious fries are fried in Goose Fat, so great that my vegetarian companion could not resist them.

Yes there will always be a few menu items and maybe a special for Vegetarians. There are very good salads and soups to augment your meat experience and make your Veggie friend satisfied.

But you really come here for the meat.

The S5 or the U8 to Rosenthaler Platz will get you there. Katz Orange is hidden inside a courtyard so you have to have eagle eyes to find it, or just follow your nose.

If you never see your server again after your food is dropped to your table, just proceed to the bar and get a second glass of wine.

For a meal with wine or beer you can expect to pay €30 to 50 per person, which for a very special meal in a very special place is not too bad.

Maybe you will get lucky and get that bilingual server who can tell you the specials in English. But don’t bet on that!

Karl Wilder

Katz Orange
Bergstraße 22
10115 Berlin
Stations: S5 or U8 to Rosenthaler Platz
+49 (0) 30 983 20 84 30
[email protected]

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