Best Indian Restaurants in New york

New York has a very vibrant food scene with flavors from across the globe. It’s the place to be when you want to experience foods from different cultures. The Indian food scene has greatly improved in the Big Apple since the 90s.

The food has become much better, and today there are affordable buffets in almost every neighborhood in the city. Indians are very dedicated to their food culture. You can rest assured you will be testing some of the most authentic flavors on your New York food tours.

Whether you want a casual stop or an elegant eatery serving up elevated and creative Indian fare, you won’t be disappointed. When you are ready to explore the tastiest restaurants around the city, these are the ones to start with.


Dhamaka is a welcomed addition to the Manhattan food scene. They serve delicious eats in a very colorful dining room. It’s not surprising that getting into the eatery is quite hard since the place is usually packed. They are happy to show locals the other side or the forgotten side of India.

Their chefs have created recipes with foods that haven’t made it across the oceans and borders. That’s part of their charm because you can sit down and enjoy unique Indian flavors you haven’t tried yet. They have grills, bread, and a variety of snacks, among other things. The bread is homemade, and the snacks are mostly inspired by street food.

One of their best sellers is goat biryani. But stay open-minded when you visit the restaurants and explore the wonderfully spicy menu. The interior display elevates the eatery, and you can see the colorful murals from the glass exterior.


Adda means a place where people hang out, and that’s exactly what this unpretentious spot is. The casual eatery was created in 2018. It has gorgeous mood lighting, and Indian newspapers cover one of the walls. But it’s their exemplary food that sets the scene.

Their menu comprises foods and drinks inspired by Mumbai and other regions. They make all your favorite goat dishes. You can have a filling dinner with plenty of drinks without spending a fortune. Their biryani covered in the baked dough is one of the classics on the menu.

Bread and sides are carefully crafted as well to ensure you have the best possible meal each time you visit. Beer and wine are available to pair with your meals. It has become a popular spot for Secret food tours. Reservations are recommended when you want to guarantee a table.

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Indian Accent

When you want to experience an upscale Indian restaurant in New York, this is the spot to visit in midtown. The fine dining establishment has redefined Indian dishes by adding a lot of flare to traditional cuisines.

Their chefs sometimes fuse ingredients from other cultures to create the most satisfying meals. But they still manage to uphold the integrity of the dishes. They offer three or four-course dinners that are a must-try. Their wine pairings go great with their vibrant and flavourful menu.

The head chef goes all out on the dinner menu with creative appetizers, mid-courses, mains, and desserts. Be sure to try the pepper chicken and tofu masala before leaving. They are highly recommended by locals and visitors who have tried the eatery, and they accept reservations.

Punjabi Grocery and Deli

This counter-service restaurant has been a staple in East Village since the 90. They serve authentic Indian snacks and foods like samosa chaat, chana masala, and Gulab jumun. It’s one place that is easy to dismiss until you try their servings. Their memorable food will keep you coming back.

You can get a brown paper bag full of fried pakora to taste sub-continental scrumptiousness. If you want to step away from expensive cuisines for a while but still eat spicy, full-flavored foods, visit this basement-level eatery. Vegetarians and vegans are the ones who have embraced this place the most. But anyone can enjoy a quiet meal at the classic establishment.


Junoon always comes up whenever you talk about Indian restaurants in New York. Their dining experience is unmatched, and they are very famous for their extensive wine list. It’s a lovely place to sample different Indian fare. They merge traditional cuisines with modern delights to come up with unique dishes.

However, their meals are on the pricier side but worth every penny. Junoon has all it takes when you feel like going all out and having a memorable night. Always ensure you are in an upscale yet casual dress code whenever you want to dine there. The award-winning fine dining institution has been serving New Yorkers for over a decade now.

Besides the cocktails, spirits, and wines, they also sell teas and after-dinner beverages. The restaurant comes with a marketplace selling spices and other items. The lobster moilee is one of the upscale dishes on the menu. Small plates like smoked masala ribs and Saloni maachi are also enticing.


Ganesh Temple Canteen

For a casual weekend night where you want a unique dining experience, this canteen will deliver. Most non-Indians come to the restaurant mostly out of curiosity. It sits under a Hindu temple; you can go and wander around the temple after your meals. That’s what most people talk about, but their southern Indian food is also pretty amazing.

The restaurant started in the 90s mostly to make food offerings to the deities. They have garnered many devoted customers in the neighborhood since then. It’s a very spacious location; you can dine with friends.

Everything item on the menu is vegetarian, and their dosas are one of the menu’s highlights. Go through the gift shop on your way out and see what is worth taking with you. Takeout and delivery options are available when you don’t want to sit down and dine.

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Gupshup is the perfect combination of a cocktail bar and a restaurant. The inspiration comes from Bombay. They combine global creativity, contemporary techniques, and traditional Indian flavors. Despite the menu being filled with updated Indian cuisines, you can still taste the authentic flavors and spices.

The vibrant dining area is well-designed and decorated. It’s one of those restaurants you never knew you needed until you tried it. Their name means hanging out or chitchat, and they managed to create a space you can hang out without getting bored.

You can try their specialty cocktails or another drink before or after your meal at the bar. Some of their mouth-watering signature entrées include Delhi butter chicken. The Bombay brunch menu has endless options.


Semma is a great restaurant for date nights, birthdays, and amazing cocktails in the charming west village. The restaurant is bringing Southern Indian foods to the forefront. These are meals that are rarely seen outside local neighborhoods and homes in India.

New York vegetarian food tours might land you here to try some of their exotic dishes. Their friend vegetable options have become prominent. Even the cocktails utilize Indian ingredients to come up with unique drink combinations. The restaurant’s interior pays homage to its tropical roots. Their meaty dishes are hard to find in the city. So take advantage of their flawless menu whenever you get a chance.

Semma is yet another exceptional restaurant from the team of Chef Chintan Pandya and restaurateur Roni Mazumdar. They emphasize cooking the way it’s done at home. The gunpowder dosa is among the best in the neighborhood and maybe the city.


Seva will quickly become your favorite Indian restaurant in Queens. The all-you-can-eat weekend buffet is a feast you don’t want to miss. Depending on what you like, you will taste everything from spicy to very spicy. Their three-course meals include appetizers, entrée, and dessert.

They also have lunch combos that are very affordable and practical. Aside from the menu’s many vegan and vegetarian options, try some of their lamb and chicken dishes. There are also a few bread options and sweets that will accompany your meals well.

The restaurant can accommodate large groups. You can grab your friends and family members for a fun night out with great Indian food. Chicken tikki masala and lamb vindaloo get a lot of praise.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best Indian restaurants New York has to offer. No matter the experience you are looking for, the city is filled with unique dining experiences. Indian food enthusiasts will appreciate all the efforts these chefs are putting into creating authentic dishes.

The city is a melting pot of cultures, so it’s no surprise that they have cuisines from everywhere in the world. Take Indian food tours to experience some of these restaurants.

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