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London Bridge guests Bacon and egg bap Cheese and cracker platter Chocolate dessert London Bridge guests 2 London Bridge guests 3 London Bridge guests 4 Cream filled doughnuts Sticky toffee pudding Tower Bridge view Food Tour London 11 Food Tour London 12 Food Tour London 13 Food Tour London 14 Chicken karahi Assortment of curries Indian beers Intian tour guests Paneer Tikka Seek kebab Assorted tandoori dishes Lamb chops Mango Lassi Tandoori dishes served Six British beers Steel brew casks Single British beer British beer guests Beer and hop display Beer diagram British beer tour guests Chicken wings and beer Chicken wings, croquettes, beer Beer tour guests with skyline Beer Tour London Secret Beer Tours London Fish and chips Salted beef bagel Assortment of street foods Salted beef bagel with pickle Matar Paneer Jianbing Chocolate truffles Display in seashells Eccles cake Jianbing 2 Bartender Gin bottle display Guests gin toast Purple gin Drink London neon sign Distillery with maker Cannoli Tonic water bottles Cocktail lineup Gin aromatics