Venice Tour



On our Secret Food Tour: Venice, we’ll take you on a tasting adventure, introducing  you to the land of the spritz and Cicchetti. You’ ll be amused by tasting local food and traditional wines, discovering the secret stories and recipes hidden in every plate you’ll try.


Take a seat in the Gondola and pass under one of the  417 bridges made of wood, iron and stones, that connect one river to another in this romantic city. You’ll be amused by seeing some heartbrething views and witnessing some of the daily Venetian usances and  habits.


Exploring the 150 characteristic canals that surround the city, you’ll have the opportunity to smell the aromas, flavors by sharing the local history and traditions with the lagoonal merchants and food producers of the area. 


Every bite you give will connect you to the history and uniqueness of this unforgettable magic place.







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