Breizh Café – Searching For The Best Crêpe In Paris

If you are visiting Paris it is likely that you will want to sample one of the foods most associated with France, la crêpe. You can find crêpes all over Paris, whether it be in a sit-down crêperie or a street vendor, and both options certainly have their place but I was after a really good, old fashioned, sit-down crêperie and it seemed Breizh Café might fit the bill. Crêpes traditionally come from Brittany, but if you are not lucky enough to be following up your visit to Paris with a trip to Brittany than a visit to Breizh Café can certainly help.

“Breizh” is Breton (the language of Brittany) for a person that originates from this area, and this crêperie certainly sticks to its traditions. I was eager to visit it as I had heard that it was good and wanted to see how it compared to my own experience of eating crêpes in St. Malo, Brittany. Perhaps it would have been wise to book a table, because when we arrived very much not at peak lunch time, it was almost 3pm— it was still packed with queues out the door. I, though, was not shaken and only took this to be a sure sign that the tip off I had been given must be right.

The menu was pretty comprehensive and offered many crêpes or galettes (a savoury, buckwheat version of the crêpe) typical of Brittany, from the rather safe and less daring options all the way to galettes served with andouille sausage (made from pig intestines). I decided to sample the “Bretonne” (sautéed mushrooms, Gruyère cheese, scrambled eggs and bacon, €12.80) and “Savoyarde” (raw milk Reblochon cheese, bacon, potatoes and green salad, €12.80) galette with a sweet flambé crêpe to follow.

The “Bretonne” was much like an English breakfast (but better) and lacking the normal heavy greasy feeling associated with such a meal, encased in a galette. The simple flavour combinations would certainly appeal to someone who had less daring culinary appetites. The “Savoyrde,” however, was something else. The Reblochon had a much more distinct taste and the bacon was quite smoky making the flavours in this one more exciting than in the “Bretonne” and combined with the fried potatoes it made for great, hearty food. Just one alone is enough to fulfil the normal lunch requirements for a person and I was forced to recruit help in finishing them.

After I had my “Chateaubriand” (flambé crêpe served with vanilla and dark chocolate ice cream, €11.80) for dessert. It was sufficiently decadent with the rich dark chocolate ice cream and boozy liquor, and ended the meal well. Value wise it is pretty good. If you choose one of the heartier galettes it should be enough to satisfy the average person, followed up with a crêpe and you shall be more than content. It is also well located, not far from the city centre and in an interesting area to stroll around on a summer’s day. Definitely worth a visit whether it be for a lunch, light dinner or an afternoon energy pick-up. And be sure to check out their épicerie (delicatessen) next door.

Phone: 01 42 72 13 77

(Reservations are taken from 9:30 to 12:00 and 15:30 to 19:00)

Open: Wednesday to Sunday, 11:30 to 23:00

Address: 111 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris

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