Berlin’s Best Thai Eaterie is not a restaurant!

In Berlin, we have what is now a long standing tradition on Sunday when the weather is fine.
Our Thai community gathers in The Meadow in Preussenpark, and they sit on blankets with gas burners, coal stoves, woks, fryers. They put together the greatest kitchen in Berlin with some of the absolute tastiest food – and it’s all for a few euros.
It’s so worth a visit that even now – and it’s not Sunday when I am writing this – I want it to be Sunday! My mouth is salivating at the thought.

So the next Sunday you are in the German capital, simply take the U 7 to Fehrbelliner Platz and follow your nose to the meadow where under umbrellas you find the most authentic and exquisite Thai food this side of Bangkok. In addition to food there is beer and some full bars with mixed drinks.
The prices range from €1 to €5, so if you share some things you wallet will receive no damage.
There is one incredibly difficult aspect of going to this market I need to warn you about.
Eventually you will have to make choices and you cannot eat everything. And you will want to eat everything. My best suggestion is to go with friends and share plates. This is what I did last Sunday so I was able to have the Grilled Shrimp with chilli, fried Sardines, Papaya Salad, Pad Thai and assorted smaller bites.
Every time I go i choose another Thai granny’s Pad Thai and each time I think it is the best ever in the world until the next time when I find a better one. You will never stop finding delicious bites.
Be fearless and taste it all and when you can taste no more go back to your room and nap.
It begins slowly at noon and winds down between 4 and 6 depending on who is not sold out of food.
Of course, there are some more formal Thai restaurants in Berlin. I’ll write about them another day but for the moment, it’s that Sunday trip. And don’t forget, that Sunday comes around once a week!

Karl Wilder

Travel: U 7 to Fehrbelliner Platz
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