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Nashville’s 12 South is a vibrant avenue where the city’s cultural diversity comes alive in a colorful and dynamic way. As one embarks on the Food Tour Nashville, they discover more than culinary delights; they experience a vivid representation of Nashville’s evolving character. This neighborhood, once a quaint residential area, now stands as a vivid hub of creativity and Southern hospitality. 

12 South is a perfect showcase of Nashville’s transformation over the years. The street is lined with a diverse array of establishments – from quaint coffee shops to trendy restaurants, and from restored historic buildings to stylish boutiques. It’s a place where the past and present of Nashville coexist harmoniously, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the soul of Music City

The avenue is a canvas where every corner reveals a new aspect of Nashville’s spirit. In this post, we’ll take you on an overview of  the various facets of 12 South, showing how each element – be it a shop, a mural, or a restaurant – contributes to the narrative of Nashville’s vibrant culture.


The Historical Significance of 12 South

The history of 12 South dates back over 200 years. Its story begins with Granny White, who settled along the old Buffalo path, now known as Granny White Pike. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to hospitality set the foundation for the community ethos that defines 12 South today. Granny White’s legacy is still felt in the area’s vibrant atmosphere, characterized by a mix of trendy shops and restaurants.

Sevier Park, a key feature of the neighborhood, is home to the historic Sunnyside mansion, built in 1852. This mansion has its own storied past, notably during the Civil War, where it stood between the Union and Confederate sides. Today, the park and its landmarks, like the Sunnyside mansion, offer visitors a glimpse into Nashville’s history.

In recent decades, 12 South has transformed from a quiet suburb into a buzzing cultural hotspot. This transformation reflects Nashville’s growth and dynamism as a city. The area, once considered part of the Belmont – Hillsboro neighborhood, has carved out its own identity as a separate neighborhood, presenting a perfect blend of historical charm and modern-day luxury.

The increasing popularity of 12 South has made it a highly sought-after location for both residential and commercial purposes. The development of properties like 12 South Flats exemplifies the area’s growth, offering modern living spaces and retail options that cater to the diverse needs of its residents and visitors.


The Culinary Scene in 12 South

Food Tour Nashville

12 South in Nashville is a neighborhood where the culinary landscape is as diverse as it is enticing. It represents a convergence of Southern culinary traditions and contemporary culinary innovation. Here, diners can enjoy classic Southern dishes with a modern twist, like hot pork & grits casserole, blending comforting flavors with contemporary cooking.

The neighborhood also welcomes flavors from around the globe, adding a rich variety to its dining options. From Italian to Middle Eastern cuisines, these global influences enrich the local food scene. Artisanal and gourmet offerings, such as gourmet cookies, are cherished here, showcasing the skill of local bakers.

Creativity in cuisine is a hallmark of 12 South. Innovative dishes like Pear & Taleggio Pizza bring unique flavors to the table, challenging traditional culinary norms. This spirit of innovation reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of Nashville’s food culture.


Coffee Culture and Hip Cafes in 12 South

Food Tour Nashville

The coffee culture in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood is an integral part of its charm, reflecting the area’s unique blend of creativity and community. Here, the café scene thrives with an impressive variety of options, each adding its unique flavor to the neighborhood’s overall ambiance.

In 12 South, coffee enthusiasts can discover a range of experiences, from cozy, intimate settings to crowded, energetic cafés. These coffee shops serve as social hubs, where artists, students, and professionals mingle, highlighting the communal spirit of the area. The variety of coffee places in 12 South ranges from those offering artisanal, handcrafted coffees to others providing a more traditional, straightforward brew.

Many cafés in 12 South emphasize high-quality, ethically sourced beans, often featuring local roasters. This commitment to quality ensures that each cup of coffee not only tastes exceptional but also supports sustainable and responsible coffee farming practices. The local sourcing extends to food offerings as well, with many cafes serving freshly baked goods and light meals prepared with ingredients from local suppliers.


Shopping and Fashion in 12 South

12 South is renowned for its array of boutique shops, each offering a unique and personalized shopping experience. These boutiques range from high-end fashion stores to quaint shops specializing in local and artisanal goods. Shoppers in 12 South are treated to a variety of choices, from the latest fashion trends to timeless pieces, making it a perfect spot for fashion enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike.

The neighborhood features a blend of local and national brands, showcasing Nashville’s ability to merge hometown charm with wider fashion trends. Shoppers can find everything from custom-made clothing and accessories to ready-to-wear collections that cater to diverse tastes and styles.

The stores cater to a wide range of customers, including men, women, and children. The neighborhood’s fashion scene is a reflection of Nashville’s diverse population, with something to offer for every age, style, and budget. 

The shopping experience in 12 South is not just about the clothes; it’s about the experience itself. The neighborhood’s laid-back yet fashionable vibe is palpable in its stores, where shopping is often accompanied by friendly conversations and personalized service. This approach makes 12 South a true representation of Nashville’s approachable and vibrant style.


Parks and Outdoor Activities

In the heart of Nashville, the 12 South neighborhood offers a refreshing escape into green spaces and outdoor activities, providing a perfect balance to its vibrant urban setting. Among these, Sevier Park stands out as a focal point for leisure and recreation.

Sevier Park is a local favorite, featuring sprawling lawns, walking paths, and play areas for children. It’s an ideal spot for residents and visitors alike to relax, exercise, or enjoy a picnic amidst the natural beauty. The park’s historical significance, with the Sunnyside mansion dating back to 1852, adds a touch of Nashville’s past to the scenic environment.

Beyond Sevier Park, Nashville’s broader array of parks and outdoor activities also enriches the 12 South experience. Centennial Park, notable for its iconic Parthenon and tranquil gardens, offers jogging paths and a soothing stream, creating a serene atmosphere for visitors. Radnor Lake State Park, with its diverse wildlife and a variety of trails, caters to nature enthusiasts and hikers of all skill levels. For those seeking more adventurous outdoor activities, Edwin and Percy Warner Parks present winding paths and hiking trails, perfect for exploring the lush landscape.


Nightlife and Entertainment

The nightlife and entertainment scene in Nashville’s 12 South district offers a diverse and engaging experience, perfectly blending the area’s trendy vibe with a touch of Southern hospitality. Here are some good options if you feel like going out after your Nashville Food Tour:

12 South Taproom is a local favorite, known for its eclectic ambiance and extensive selection of craft beers. This beer bar also serves other libations like wine and ciders and features a full food menu that includes classics and unique takes on bar food. MAFIAoZA’s, both a pizzeria and a popular local pub, is renowned for its unbeatable food, especially its pizzas, and daily happy hour specials. It offers a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

For a more unique experience, Embers Ski Lodge stands out with its ski lodge-inspired decor and extensive drink selection, including over 140 types of whiskeys. This gastrobar, with its cozy ambiance, has quickly become a must-visit spot in Nashville. Urban Grub, known for its modern twists on Southern classics, offers an upscale dining experience. Its impressive decor, complete with outdoor patio seating and stone fireplaces, complements its diverse menu of seafood dishes and craft cocktails.

The Flipside, blending the feel of a modern diner with a bar, is known for its quality drinks and retro atmosphere. It offers creative spins on diner classics and a variety of craft cocktails. This place is perfect for those looking for a lively and upbeat environment.

Food Tour Nashville

Experience the essence of Nashville’s 12South district with our Food Tour Nashville. This exploration takes you through one of the city’s most dynamic streets, known for its unique blend of modernity and tradition. The tour begins with a delightful breakfast taco from a celebrated local restaurant, energizing you for the culinary discoveries ahead. As you walk through the neighborhood, your guide will share insights into the area’s rich history and its transformation into a trendy culinary hotspot. 

The journey continues with a visit to Dolly Parton’s studio, a site that resonates with Nashville’s musical soul. You’ll then be treated to a Southern hot pork & grits casserole at a renowned eatery, followed by a gourmet cookie that exemplifies the locals’ love for sweet treats. The tour isn’t just about food; it includes a guided exploration of 12 South’s famous shopping destinations. Your adventure culminates with a contemporary American dish featuring an innovative hot honey-topped pizza and the tour’s secret dish, a surprise that perfectly rounds off the Nashville dining experience. Join us for a tour that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a true taste of 12 South’s culinary delights. Check out the Food Tour Nashville official page and book your tour.


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