Seville Food Tour


Food Tour

On our Secret Food Tour in Seville, you'll get to try many different types of culinary delights from authentic locations where locals live, eat, and enjoy their daily life.

  • To begin, we'll take you to the highest area of the city to a historic place where you get to sample their famous churros.
  • As we depart for our next food spot, we'll step back in time, to the 19th century, surrounded by sights and aromas as we eat Spanish tortilla and squidballs or "pringá" (a typical Seville mix of meats in a little sandwich).
  • Next we'll take you to a locally owned shop for a tasting of Iberian ham, a variety of cheeses, and olive oils, as we learn about them from the local owner.
  • We'll continue the tour in Triana, connected to Seville by its famous bridge, starting with a visit to its local food market where we'll enjoy a banderilla rellena (stuffed olive) (* not included in the evening tour).
  • Next, you'll get to sit down and enjoy a taste of oxtail in one of the oldest and most iconic restaurants in the city.
  • We'll dig a little deeper into our history as we visit a colourful local bar. Here you'll try some local fried fish and the famous Andalusian salmorejo.
  • Sweets are up next! We stop for our Secret Dish at one of our most famous pastry shops.

When you choose our upgraded drinks package you get:

  • Homemade valdepeñas
  • Vino de naranja
  • Rebujito

Please note: the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather.



We start in the Alfalfa area, located in the historic city center. It is the highest part of the city, dating back to a Phoenician settlement over 2,000 years ago.

From there, our tour will embark on a journey to one of the most picturesque and often unknown part of the city: the colourful neighborhood of Triana. Triana is full of legend and mystery, linked to the discovery of America, and one of the birthplaces of flamenco. We selected these areas because, despite being separated by a river, the centre and the Triana neighborhood are tightly related. The history of one couldn't be understood without the other. That's what makes our tour special — getting to explore our city from the historic center then onto a journey into the the more unknown areas. With us, you'll see where the gypsies and Moorish Muslims lived. This is the land of famous bullfighters, flamenco dancers and singers, and where the Spanish Inquisition Court was based.


How to book a tour with us

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It is easy! You can book tickets online here. We begin our tours at 7:30 pm through September, and 11:30 am from October 1. We will send you the meeting place details before the day of the tour. Our culinary tour lasts for 3 to 3 ½ hours, and each one involves some walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. Due to the nature of creating a well balanced and thoughtful gastronomy experience, many of our tours are unable to accommodate certain dietary restrictions. Please contact us prior to booking your tour to see if we are able to accommodate your dietary needs. And don't forget to bring a camera! You will want to remember these great places if you come to Seville again!