To Hell and Back and Back Again

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

By Leslie Fiet

I will return to Hell over and over again for this meal.

In Las Vegas, restaurants open and close without much fanfare because it happens so frequently that people rarely take notice.

However, with the announcement about two years ago that Gordon Ramsay would open his 5th restaurant in Las Vegas in one of the most visible locations on “The Strip”, and it would be themed as his ultra popular television show come to life, everyone took notice. I was lucky enough to eat at Hell’s Kitchen within four days of its much anticipated opening.

Ramsay has stated that Las Vegas is now one of the most competitive foodie cities anywhere in the world where only the best survive.

He should know, he currently reigns supreme as the celebrity chef with the most restaurants in Las Vegas.

As with most things in Las Vegas, subtle is not a respected element. However, I did not notice the details painstakingly put into the décor until I really looked. Pitchforks on the ceiling, artfully displayed in room dividers, lighting that looks like studio lights, digital renderings of fire on the walls, its in the space but not in your face.

As expected the staff preparing your meal are all clothed in the signature red and blue team colours fans of the show have come to expect.

The signature dishes on the menu are all artfully prepared and if your a fan of the show you know that scallops, beef Wellington (“Wellies”), lobster risotto, and sticky toffee pudding are dishes Ramsay expects each of his chefs on the show to know and master.

As this was my first meal my companion and I opted for the HK Signature pre-fixe menu ($ 69.00). A total bargain if you’ve ever eaten at his restaurant Steak (in the Paris) where you’ll pay $ 150.00 for similar items.

We were seated just off viewing of the open kitchen but it more than made up for it with a stunning view of the strip and set away a bit that afforded us more privacy and quiet. Next time Ill ask to be seated at the chef’s table.

To start the pan seared scallops with celery root, braised lardons, pickled granny smith apples.

Wow, beautiful and cooked perfectly. The main, beef Wellington with a potato puree, glazed root vegetables, red wine Demi glaze.

I could only eat half my main, my partner trooped on slowly eating every last bite.

I was really impressed as she is only about 5’ 3’ (1.6m) and 110 lbs (almost 8 stones/50 kilos).

Our final dish was the sticky toffee pudding with speculaoos ice cream. LOVED IT!!!!!

I will be back to try the other dishes on the menu, maybe even for lunch when the menu is slightly different and less expensive.

My bill was $ 125.00 including the gratuity, that included two glasses of the least expensive wine on the menu, ($ 14.00).

If I were to be picky, and everyone knows I am so oh well, I’m not a great fan of all the black, or charcoal dinnerware.

I think it puts a grey tone to all the food, it hides the sauces, and in my opinion is not as appealing as white dinnerware, also the corkage fees are a bit steep if there is only one wine drinker.

In calling to inquire prices I was told that the fee is $ 35.00 per bottle, two bottles minimum and it can’t be wine on their list.

Considering the two Cabs on the menu are $ 20.00 and $ 27.00 per glass if you go with at least another person and have two good glasses each it’s worth it to bring your own and drink a bottle each! Just get an Uber home, or walk your overfull belly back to your room.

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S.


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