The Sopa Boba: Unpretentious Creativity!

by Miguel Martin

In Spain, it is well known that the smaller and humble places are usually the best. However, when you are willing to experience creative cuisine, choices are difficult, and it can easily get out of budget.

We like the places that look casual, but where it is the work of the people, the quality of the food and the dedication that talks by itself.

When you first arrive to “The Sopa Boba”, a feeling of unpretentiousness invades you, and the truth is, it is going to follow you during the whole experience.

The mix of wood, brick walls, old mirrors and recycled objects creates a warm and informal atmosphere.

Let’s get started: the service. Composed by young but very professional and knowledgeable staff, they will invite you to follow them in a smooth journey where they will recommend you some of their plates to share – known now in more northern climes as Tapas.

There is a clear passion for food here when you see that from the first second, the waiter knows exactly what she is doing. A good example is the great wine recommendation: Egregium, a Ribera del Duero.

Now comes (quickly) the food, that we let our host choose. Every bite we tried was delicious, and interesting. We tried the duck breast with chutney that was perfectly cooked, the ceviche had a subtle acidity well balanced with the mango, the burrata was fresh and well-seasoned.

Even though we are not big on sweet they recommended us to try at least one dessert. We could not be more thankful as the milhojas with passion fruit and toffee was the highlight of this experience. Same for the mel i mató, a classic of Catalan cuisine with a tasty twist.

We had five dishes amongst two people and a bottle of wine for about €60. Considering the quality of the product and the work achieved in the kitchen, the price is more than reasonable. If you are willing to experience something special without spending too much, this restaurant is made for you.

The Sopa Boba (and yes, they use the English “the”) is so far our surprise of the year. The passion these guys put in their food results on a well balanced mix between traditions and creativity. There is no doubt in the quality of the products chosen, that shines through the sensitive cooking and the beautifully executed presentation.

Finally, why the name? Boba means stupid! But it refers to the soups they used to give in convents/social centres to people with difficulties. They were made with what they could find. Yes, it’s strange. Nevertheless, it has a real provenance for people in this area.

Address: 08009, Carrer del Bruc, 115

Kitchen opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8AM–3:30PM, 8–10:45PM Saturday: 1:30–3:45PM, 8–11PM Sunday: Closed

Contact: 931 29 84 75

Metro stations: Verdaguer (L4-L5), Diagonal (L3-L4) or Girona (L4)

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