By Arabela Zapata

If you’re looking for a new experience of seafood in Puerto Vallarta, don’t hesitate to visit “La Mara”, a place where we local people go whenever we’re looking for something fresh and delicious.

We decided to go to “La Mara” since everyone I know was talking about their unique ceviches. As soon as I saw the menu I realized they were right.

This Mexican owned restaurant is a creation of Josué Arana, whose love for food comes from his mother and whom you’ll very likely see there engaging with customers and making sure everything’s just as you would want it .

Arriving on a Sunday afternoon, to this casual little eaterie, we were immediately greeted by its friendly staff who showed us to our table right away.

We ordered a michelada, clamato and beer served in a very original way, you’ll to order it yourself to see… and a “fresca” salty and sweet mineral water with fresh fruit and a hint of cucumber, perfect for a sunny day.

Ceviche tostadas are a speciality so you can ask for different styles and share (if you want!).

We asked for a shrimp ceviche tostada “Basílico” with onion, basil and habanero chile, full of spicy flavour, but probably best served only for chilli lovers.

Then , a tuna fish ceviche tostada “Cachetona” with ginger, onion, serrano chile, lots of avocado and tamarind topping, The avocado almost makes it a creamy sensation in your mouth, nothing beats avocado! The third plate “Amora” an octopus Aguachile with jicama, peanuts, the house salsa and hibiscus sauce, so many flavours exploding in my mouth!

With all these fresh flavours, each tostada a different experience.

Don’t you worry, if your not a chilli fan, you will find it very easy to order the level of spiciness you like.

In the menu they have a little chilli icon besides the dish, the more chillis the spicier.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you will also find many choices and combinations to choose from. They can prepare any of their specialities replacing the protein with some of their vegan choices. For dessert, a very tempting chocolate vegan delice and Yelapa pies.

For drinks, you can try artisan beers, raicilla ( moonshine) and a number of cocktails as well as classic red and white wine.

A place for a casual lunch or early dinner, a fresh and healthy option for those who like seafood, and it understands vegetarians and vegans – all in a relaxing clean ambience.

Located in Versalles neighborhood near the hotel zone


Prices from $75 each tostada to $200 an order (prices in pesos)

Cash only

Open all year round except the last week of September and the first week of October.

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