La Mar – ceviche at its very best.

By Franco Ranilla

Cevicherias in Lima are becoming more popular, and our demand for finding the best ceviche is increasing.

Ceviche is a Latin American signature dish – and a cevicheria is a restaurant that specialises in this seafood dish typically made from fresh raw fish, cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with garlic, chilli and other seasonings.

Because the dish is not cooked, it must be prepared and consumed fresh to minimise food poisoning risks.

But we looked beyond the freshest fish. We also wanted impeccable service with a great atmosphere to have a good time with our friends and family.

La Mar, in central Lima, turned out to be an amazing option to enjoy a delicious lunch that was enjoyable on every level.

We started with a ceviche made with sea urchin, from Marcona, a port 4 hours from Lima, and a tiradito of Pejerrey. A tiradito is made of thin slices of fish (while ceviche is cubed) and Pejerrey is a fish from our ocean.

This tiradito dazzled us as did other dishes with their cheerful and intense colours the restaurant plays with, in both food and drink.

The freshness of the fish cooked with lemon and the hotness that chili leaves you, forced us (not that we really needed forcing!) to try one of La Mar’s many cocktails made with tropical fruits and edible flowers. We went for La Cura and a Metropolitan, both based on pisco, our national liqueur. Both were incredible.

As a main course we shared a dish made with rice, fish, some veggies and cheese, it looked like a paella or risotto, and it was quite big.

Served in a hot pan fresh from the wood oven, visible at the back of the room, and accompanied by a chili sauce. It was the revelation dish, the combination and intensity of flavours was spectacular.

Chef Gustavo Montestruque, personally brought us this delicacy and explained how important it is for them to establish a close relationship with producers and fishermen, and be responsible with environmental sustainability.

To finish we had a meringue of chirimoya, a Peruvian fruit, with another iced cocktail made with coffee, which balanced perfectly the sweetness of the fruit.

We found it very interesting that every day they create a new menu, according to seasons and what nature offers at that time.

La Mar is one of the first restaurants which opened in this avenue, now full of restaurants.

Expect to queue, if you don’t arrive early, and wear something casual and fresh, in summer you will feel the heat.

Expect to pay 140 soles (about 40 US dollars) per person for a full meal (drinks included), not expensive for a meal of this quality in a location which is one of Latin America’s top fifty restaurants.

La Mar

Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima

+51 1 421 33 65

(Walking distance from Parque Maria Reiche Miraflores)

Open 12.00 to 17.00 only

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