It always comes back to burgers!

By Nick Gale

Porto is a city of diverse, delicious food, and after having my fill of classic empanadas, natas, and Sardinhas assadas, I felt it was time to try something a little more familiar. It’s a feeling we all know – no matter how hard we try, we always end up with one burger meal so it has to be good!

And this is why I’m a Peezb fan.

While exploring the city with one of our wonderful guides for our Secret Food Tour: Porto, he informed me his brother-in-law owned a burger place on the west side of the city right by the water’s edge facing the ocean. His recommendations had all been great so far so I took him up on the offer and got on a bus to the coast.

What I didn’t know was the main road through Porto had closed and what was supposed to be a 40 minute journey, turned into a two hour one on two buses. This gave me a lot of time to ponder life’s great questions. What sort of burger would I get? Does the burger come with fries or do I have to order them separately? Should I book ahead or just hope for the best? These questions kept me going through this horrifyingly dull journey, but by the time I got to Peebz, it was worth it.

I don’t know when the road will open again – in the meantime, it’s much easier to get a 5€ cab ride. In any case, a visit won’t break the bank.

For the first thing of note is just how reasonable the menu is. For a standard burger and fries combination, you are going to spend around 7€ total. I wanted to splash out a little bit so I went for the Peebz burger. This is a cheeseburger with two types of cheese, cured ham, a cheese bun, and truffle oil and parmesan fries with garlic mayo. The whole dish was delicious and only came to 9€ – I added to it with a 1.5€ coke and a 2.20€ dessert.

The staff were friendly, and although I was the first customer of that evening, one by one the seats were filled by locals looking to get their daily burger fix. The location is also perfect if you want to have a stroll along the beach afterwards or try one of the many beach bars along the coastline.

All in all, I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a cheap bite in Porto in a great location by the beach.


R. da Sra. da Luz 448, 4150-695 Porto, Portugal

Phone 00351 22 610 4004

Closed Mondays and Sunday evenings

Other days

Opens 12.00 – 15.00, 19.00 – 22.45

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