El Bodegon – a trip to yesterday

I have to start by saying that this restaurant is more than just a business or even a place to eat.

It is a trip to childhood and a series of almost forgotten memories of what food means to Peruvians.

We have a long list of recipes that have been modified according to each family, neighbourhood and time. Everyone had their secrets! Now, very few kitchens can recreate those nostalgic flavours.

El Bodegon can. It is now one of the busiest corners for those who seek that food magic of yesteryear.

It has a simple and cosy atmosphere that reminds you of your grandmother’s house in some way. That’s real comfort. And there are those homey tastes that only she knows how to do. Putting them together is my ideal description of what this restaurant is.

Here we start with the classic dishes, the great “aeropuerto”, a perfect and abundant combination of Chinese and Peruvian food.

The “locro”, ( a hearty thick stew, associated with native Andean civilizations, and popular along the Andes mountain range. It’s one of the national dishes of Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Southern Colombia) was famous for being our enemy when we were little.

The more so as some of us did not like peas, so we took them out one by one from the plate. Now the whole thing is a delight.

There is the delicious “arroz con chancho” (rice with pork – a traditional P eru dish) , nobody loses with this. “Pan con chicharron” (a sort of pork and potato dish in a burger bun) “arroz con pollo” (rice with chicken), “ceviche” (fish) and more!

And of course you can not afford to miss the classic chilcanos (cocktails -usually based on Pisco). Don’t forget the sweet touch. The chocolate cake, the strawberry mille-feuille and our classic “combinado arroz con leche & mazamorra” (rice pudding with corn) – these gave us a smile from ear to ear.

A meal per person is around 65 soles (20 US dollars). Well worth a visit.

Avenida Tarapacá 197, Miraflores, Lima.


phone: +51 1 4444704

Mon-Thur from midday to midnight.

Friday from midday to 1 a.m.

Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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