By Jerrolynn Cauayani

You no longer have to travel to the east coast to taste Maine’s scrumptious crustaceans. You can stay here in San Francisco.

At New England Lobster Market and Eatery, in beautiful SF suburb Burlingame, you can experience authentic Maine lobsters and an atmosphere so similar that you’d think you were dining in one of that state’s authentic coastal shacks.

Although this fine establishment is not adjacent to the waters, it is a short walk to the pristine San Francisco Bay with its majestic views.

This cafeteria-style establishment includes both an outdoor and an indoor area with picnic tables, counter seating, as well as a huge area of conventional table seating.

Even with a large seating capacity, the eatery boasts huge crowds and queues for placing orders can get extremely long. So bathroom lines can require a patient wait!

Customers help themselves to unlimited water with fresh lemons served in old fashioned mason jars, silverware, napkins and towelettes. Those who love capsicum can douse their crustaceans with a choice of a number of different bottled hot sauces.

The specialty and most popular on the menu of the Eatery are the lobster rolls (around $25) that come in a variety from naked with a side of butter to dressed drenched in the house specialty sauce.

Chunks of sweet lobster are piled onto butter toasted split top buns served with their own house made potato chips and sweet tangy coleslaw.

Customers are also drawn to the warm velvety decadent lobster corn chowder ($7 to $10) filled with chunks of the sweet crustacean that will definitely make you feel pampered especially on a cold cloudy day.

There is also a variety of Maine lobster and Dungeness crab platters, Dungeness crab sandwiches ($25), seafood salads (around $22), and unique dishes such as lobster tacos ($30) and crab nachos($17).

The eatery will not disappoint and will leave the palette so satiable with the tantalizing variety of crustaceans prepared and served uniquely in the West Coast fashion. As for wine, there a limited choice – and it’s $24 a bottle while beer is $4 to $5.

If you’ve not had your fill at the eatery or simply just can’t get enough crustaceans, you can head on over to the adjacent market where you can pick up Maine lobsters shipped daily from Maine, Dungeness crab, a popular delicacy to the West Coast, clams, mussels, oysters, and shrimps to take home.

New England Lobster Market and Eatery (located a mile from San Francisco Airport – accessible by car, Uber or Lyft. The parking area is limited, the street is unrestricted.

Address: 824 Cowan Rd., Burlingame, CA. 94080

Hours: 11am-9pm

Phone #: (650) 443-1559

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