Belfast Food Tours: From Iconic Murals to Expertly Curated Menus

Belfast Food Tours

Belfast is a city with a past as rich and complex as its cuisine, and has always been a place of convergence. It’s where stories painted on walls meet flavors crafted by the finest chefs. On Belfast Food Tours, we walk by some very relevant Murals that represent important parts of the city’s history. In this post we thought it’d be interesting to look further into some of the main Murals and their historical context.

In this city, every bite has a backstory and every mural a message. While some cities showcase their history in museums and galleries, Belfast wears its heart on its walls and serves its spirit on plates. Throughout the tour, participants will discover that these murals aren’t simply art; they’re a reflection of the city’s soul. 

With each stop on this tour, be it a cozy cafe or an age-old pub, you’ll be able to grasp some pieces of Belfast’s history. By the journey’s end, you won’t only have a satisfied palate but also a heart full of appreciation for the city’s multifaceted culture. Whether you’re gazing upon a powerful mural or sipping on local craft cider, the essence of Belfast is captured in every moment.


A Little Background on Belfast’s History

Once a hub of industry and innovation during the Industrial Revolution, Belfast has witnessed its fair share of tumultuous times. Throughout its history, the city has stood at the crossroads of political strife, notably during The Troubles, a conflict that dominated the latter part of the 20th century. But what’s noteworthy is how the city has emerged from these challenges, preserving its spirit and shaping its identity.

The shipbuilding industry, which led to the creation of the RMS Titanic, once flourished here. The Titanic, often dubbed ‘Belfast’s own’, is a testimony to the craftsmanship and industrial prowess the city possessed. And while the ship’s fate was tragic, the tale of its creation is woven into the very fabric of Belfast.

Belfast’s position near the coast blessed it with abundant seafood, which over the years has become an integral part of its culinary culture. The freshness of the catch from the surrounding waters graces many a table, and oysters, especially, have been celebrated as a delicacy that holds the essence of the sea.

Belfast Food Tours

The city’s art scene, meanwhile, evolved as an outlet for expression, especially during the challenging times. Murals painted across the city capture the sentiments, aspirations, and memories of its inhabitants. They serve as chronicles of the city’s past, speaking volumes more than any textbook could.

Over the years, the culinary world of Belfast has taken cues from its history. The traditional dishes, born out of necessity during leaner times, now represent comfort and nostalgia for many. Modern Belfast, while cherishing its past, has also embraced global influences, making its food scene diverse and intriguing.


The Canvas of Belfast: 5 Notable Murals and Their Historical Significance

Belfast’s walls tell a story. With brushstrokes and vivid colors, the city’s murals are more than decorative art; they’re a reflection of its tumultuous history, its hopes, and its aspirations. Here are some of the main Murals on the City, and a little background on them.

Belfast Food Tours

The Peace Mural

Found on Divis Street, this mural represents a fervent wish: harmony amidst decades of conflict. Depicting a handshake between two individuals from opposing communities, it serves as a reminder that despite differences, unity is possible. The olive branch, universally recognized as a peace symbol, accentuates the mural’s primary message: reconciliation and forward movement.


The Workers’ Tribute

Located on Newtownards Road, this mural honors Belfast’s industrious spirit. Highlighting shipbuilders, linen workers, and other trades that fueled the city’s economy, it is a nod to the hardworking men and women whose sweat and toil built Belfast. The meticulous details, from the tools of the trade to the workers’ expressions, offer a glimpse into the city’s industrious past.


Women in Resistance

An empowering piece on Falls Road, this mural pays tribute to the women who stood resilient during challenging times, from political agitations to domestic struggles. Their determination, evident in the mural’s expressions, offers a counterpoint to male-dominated narratives and showcases the pivotal role of women in Belfast’s history.


The Sporting Greats

Belfast has a rich sporting tradition, and this mural, located on Donegall Road, is an ode to its sporting heroes. From footballers to boxers, it celebrates those who’ve brought pride and joy to the city, their achievements a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.


Cultural Fusion

An artistic representation on Botanic Avenue, this mural showcases Belfast’s embrace of diverse cultures. With motifs from different parts of the world interwoven seamlessly, it underscores the city’s evolution into a multicultural hub, where different traditions coexist and enrich the communal fabric.


Gourmet Stops Along the Way

Now, another type of feast for the eyes that this City offers, is food. Each culinary stop on Belfast Food Tours is an experience, carefully curated to transport participants to different epochs and influences of the city.


Cozy Cafe Experience 

When the brisk Irish air calls for something warm and comforting, Belfast’s cafes come to the rescue. Take, for instance, the smooth hot chocolate that warms from within, its creamy texture feeling like a velvety embrace. Complementing this is the cannoli, its shell crunchy and its filling sumptuously creamy. But for those seeking an added thrill, a shot of chocolate liquor provides the perfect balance of sweetness and warmth. Beyond the food and drink, cafes in Belfast are social hubs, spaces where friends catch up, strangers become acquaintances, and the day’s events are discussed over a cuppa.

Belfast Food Tours

Traditional Breakfast

There’s no denying the allure of a hearty Belfast breakfast. Central to this experience is the Northern Irish Soda bread – soft, slightly tangy, and utterly satisfying, especially when paired with flavorful sausages. These staples have graced Belfast tables for generations, offering sustenance and comfort, and remain an undeniable part of the city’s culinary DNA.


Seafood Sensation

With the cool waters of the North Atlantic at its doorstep, Belfast enjoys a bounty of fresh seafood. And there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a platter of fresh oysters. Each bite is a refreshing burst of the ocean, a gentle reminder of Belfast’s coastal geography and its long-standing love affair with marine cuisine.


Historic Pub Visit 

Pubs in Belfast aren’t just about the drinks; they’re repositories of memories. Within their ancient walls, countless tales have been shared, friendships formed, and milestones celebrated. Traditional dishes like the hearty Irish stew offer layers of flavors, each spoonful a melding of tender meat and earthy vegetables. To wash it down, a pint of Guinness or a glass of Chocolate Liqueur ensures the experience remains etched in memory.


Craft Ciders, Beers, and Sweet Endings 

The craft drink scene in Belfast has seen a renaissance, with local artisans experimenting with unique flavors and techniques. From crisp ciders to flavorful beers, each sip tells a story of passion and craft. And to end on a sweet note? Few things compare to the pleasure of digging into a plate of sticky toffee pudding, its sweetness perfectly tempered by the bitterness of the accompanying sauce.

As the tour draws to an end, there’s nothing like the combination of coffee and Irish spirits to uplift spirits. Whether it’s the robust flavors of Irish Coffee or the creamy notes of Baileys Coffee, it’s the perfect full stop to the gourmet journey. Yet, the element of surprise isn’t over. The Secret Dish, shrouded in mystery, awaits, promising a delightful cap to the tour. And if you’re a fan of drinks, we offer an upgraded drinks package that will take your experience to another level.


Belfast, with its intricate blend of historical art and savory delights, offers an unparalleled experience. Every bite tells a story of traditions passed down through generations, while every mural paints a picture of hope, resilience, and celebration. Together, they weave a captivating story that reveals the very essence of the city.

Belfast Food Tours, with its curated stops and detailed narratives, serves as a bridge, connecting the past with the present, and the cultural with the gastronomic. Each dish is a revelation of flavors and textures, echoing tales of time-honored recipes and innovations. The murals, on the other hand, anchor the city’s history, immortalizing moments of strife, triumph, and progress.

Experience the magic for yourself. Become a part of Belfast’s story. Join Belfast Food Tours and discover a city that’s rich in flavor and history. Every corner, every dish, every color awaits. Discover Belfast anew.

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