Local Tips - Secret Food Tours Tokyo


We hope you loved your Secret Food Tour: Tokyo! Because we love sharing all our beautiful city has to offer, we've created a list of our guides' favorite places to help you make the most of your time here.


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  • Best Sushi Value - Yoshizushi - The chef takes pride in providing high quality sushi at a reasonable price. 6-7-8 Ueno, Taito
  • Most Popular Yakiniku — Japanese BBQ - Taishoen, Ueno station shop - Popular BBQ restaurant where locals go for a variety of delicious dishes. 2-3/F, 6-13-1 Ueno, Taito
  • Best Soba Noodle - Ueno Yabusoba - Come here to try the Japanese traditional buckwheat noodle. Delicious cold or hot for anytime of the year. 6-9-16 Ueno, Taito
  • Ramen Variety - Hakata Ippudo, Ueno Hirokoji shop - Popular Tonkotsu (porkbone broth) ramen. 3-17-5 Ueno, Taito. Ayam-YA - Halal certified ramen shop. 4-10-1 Taito, Taito Chin-Chin-ken - Ramen with a clear shoyu-based broth. 6-12-2 Ueno, Taito
  • Best Tonkatsu - Tonkatsu Yamabe, Okachimachi shop - Best Tonkatsu in the area, locals come for the Japanese style fried pork. Unbeatable price and quality with fast, friendly service. 6-2-6 Ueno, Taito


  • Ueno District - Ueno is a perfect neighborhood for those who want to explore an interesting and unique area with abundant food options. This district combines the excitement of an urban lifestyle with the serenity found in natural beauty. Below are tips to enjoy Ueno.
  • Culture & Art - Ueno, is the most popular destination for art lovers. We recommend visiting the Tokyo National Museum, The National Museum of Western Art, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Make sure to check hours and days of operation prior to your visit.
  • Nature & History - Stroll through Ueno Park and discover many historic spots including the Ueno Toshogu Shrine and a view of the Five-Story Pagoda. Ueno Zoo is Japan's oldest, don't miss the giant pandas, polar bears, Japanese monkeys, and the Shoebills (motionless birds).
  • Shopping & Japanese "IZAKAYA" - Ameyoko and Uechun shopping districts have it all! Everything from food to clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and jewelry. Takeya Okachimachi Main Store, is the most popular discount store with locals. Nikinokashi Ameyoko, has over 5,000 types of Japanese sweets, snacks, and seasonings. A Japanese IZAKAYA is where you can enjoy small foods and alcohol together, for some of the best visit one under the rail tracks between JR Ueno and Okachimachi stations.