About Us - Secret Food Tours Tokyo

We are Japanese food lovers. Our passion for our city, our culture, and our food will make you feel like you're an honored guest to our family. We know you'll enjoy well-balanced, fresh Japanese food with seasonal flavors, along with popular street snacks.

We'll take you to eateries and shops that are beloved by the area's locals. Your tour will be enhanced with stories about the area and insight into the culture behind the delicious food. In addition, your guide will provide you with some top tips about the best locations to visit.

City Manager Tomoko's passion for Japanese food and dining culture originated from her childhood experiences shared with her family and her community. The more she travels in and around Japan, the deeper she finds herself falling in love with Japanese food.

Tomoko - Tokyo City Manager"Good food pleases both your eyes and tongue, and is nutritious to your body and soul. It enhances the bonds of family, friends, and community members. Good foods call up our old sweet memories. They are attached to someone we love and reminds us of places and occasions we enjoyed stirring our imagination. I would love to share my stories and experiences about Japanese food culture with you."
Tomoko, Tokyo City Manager