About Us - Secret Food Tours Seville

Seville is a very open and welcoming city, where traditional and modern ways of life exist and thrive in the same location. For centuries, Sevillians have adapted to changes while retaining their traditions; including how and where they live, customs, and food culture.

Seville is linked to major historic events, such as the discovery of America and the dark times of the Spanish Inquisition. Let our guide provide you with personalized information about this historic area as you enjoy some of our best bites.

Seville is special and so is our tour. We recognize enjoying the food on the tour is important, but enjoying the food while observing and experiencing our culture from the inside creates an experience unlike any other.

The City Manager, Alejandro, at the age of five, moved from the east part of Seville to Triana, where he has been living until now. He's a passionate traveller and food junky, who has travelled to 30 countries, but always returns home.

Alejandro - Seville City Manager"Join me, and let's escape together to the neighborhood where I grew up, so you get to experience and taste the real Sevilla!"
Alejandro, Seville City Manager