About Us - Secret Food Tours Prague

Our experienced english speaking guides love this city and its history. They'll enhance your experience by educating you about the history, culture, traditions, and habits of local Czechs. You'll learn about our differences and similarities. Because in Prague we believe what brings us together is much more important than what separates us. Let us take you to carefully chosen locations and introduce you to the food, culture, and history of Prague.

Our city manager David, a travel junkie, has visited all five continents and can still claim Prague as his favorite city. He may be a bit biased, as a born and raised citizen from Prague, but all his travels have made him appreciate his home city even more.

David - Prague City Manager"I was born and raised in Prague and I would not change this for anything. Growing up I thought I needed to see other countries because there is something special out there which is not here. But the more cities I visited the more I realised that what I was looking for was always right in front of me. I could talk about Prague for hours but I can also walk its cobblestone streets or sit on a riverside for hours in silence and just enjoy the atmosphere. That is true love I think. That is true Prague."
David, Prague City Manager