About Us - Secret Food Tours Krakow

Kraków is a vibrant city, a melting pot creating a magic, multicultural atmosphere. Poland is one of the few Poland countries to use traditional agricultural and food production methods, rather than a modern, industrial approach.

We are passionate about our country and our traditional food, our goal is to introduce our guests to this authentic, magic area within Kraków. The Old Town is full of local pubs and eateries serving high quality food and drinks and there are almost six-thousand historic sites to admire while you explore this unique neighborhood. Our small local team will be honored to share their knowledge of Polish culture and the latest cuisine trends with you on our tour.

City Manager Mateusz, is a true food enthusiast — he was born in the region of Lesser Poland and loves traveling in search for new culinary discoveries to many regions of his homeland and Europe as well. Mateusz believes that food is the simplest way to learn about the nation and its history, so he created his tour to reflect what he loves most about his city. This means that you'll get to experience the best of Krakow when you join us!

Mateusz - Krakow City Manager"I believe eating together is a meeting that changes us. That's why I always give my all to provide the best service as a host in this fantastic city — to make sure that you, as my guest, fully enjoy the time on our Secret Food Tour, not only discovering uniquely Polish meals, but most of all, getting closer to us, our way of life, our tradition, and culture. And I'll know I've done a good job when your stomachs are as satisfied as your hearts. So come to Kraków and join me!"
Mateusz, Krakow City Manager