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Majestic mountains, authentic sushi, and of course, craft beer. These are the staples of Vancouver — and for good reason. Beer lovers the world over know that Vancouver has one of the richest beer cultures of the West Coast, and is the heart of British Columbia's Ale Trail. Vancouver's beer artisans challenge the status quo, with a “going where no brewer has gone before” mindset. The result is a never-ending list of incredible fresh new brews to try. With several neighbourhoods full of unique breweries of all shapes and sizes, Vancouver is a beer lovers paradise. For beer fanatics and those new to the drink, a brewery tour in Vancouver is an experience you won't want to miss.

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Craft Beer and Microbrewery Tour


Beer and Microbrewery Tours

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We're going to welcome you into Vancouver's craft beer scene by walking you through one of the most recognized areas for craft beer: the infamous Brewery Creek! The tour will meander through the neighbouring Olympic Village, home to the athletes during Vancouver's 2010 Olympic games, as well as Instagram-friendly side streets filled with local street art. Throughout your tour, our guide will share the local history of the craft beer scene in Brewery Creek, ideas for activities once you've finished you tour, and give you a true appreciation for the culture of Vancouver.

Our guide will provide plenty of other must-see spots for eating and of course, drinking throughout the tour. You will explore four local breweries, each with their own unique atmosphere and design. You'll not only sample a variety of fabulous beers at each stop, you'll learn how these passionate brewers have perfected their craft, touring behind the scenes and learning the subtle shifts in the brewing process that create the varietals we enjoy today. You'll also see the production differences from brewery to brewery, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience of what goes on at each brewery and discover first-hand how beer is made, from the varying ingredients to the final product. This tour is perfect for a fun afternoon out or a group outing for all levels of beer experience.

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