About Us - Secret Food Tours Vancouver

We are avid foodies and always want to try unique and trendy foods, our guides are local to Vancouver and have all grown up in Canada. They have many entertaining stories to tell you about their own experiences in both Canada and Gastown which will enhance your experience.

City Manager Austin's experience of Vancouver food and culture is a powerful one. Outgoing and charismatic, he grew up in small town Ontario and moved to Vancouver seven years ago and fell in love with the area right away. He enjoyed the seafood, sushi, and the mountains right away. He has travelled to 35 countries and Vancouver is the place he always comes back to. An athlete most of his life, his need for food as fuel made him a foodie automatically due to such high dietary needs. He thus made food an important part of his life. Living in Gastown himself as an actor, he is far from silent when it comes to giving tips and sharing his passion for the culture and food in the area.

Austin - Vancouver City Manager"Due to its sheer beauty, trendiness, and multiculturalism, Vancouver is far from just another Canadian city. It offers so much in terms of food options and outdoor activities, which in my opinion is the perfect combination. It also never feels overly crowded, compared to other cities that I have travelled to and I feel that gives it a small town atmosphere in a still relatively big city. I can't wait to share what makes my city great with you!"
Austin, Vancouver City Manager