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On our Secret Food Tour: Seoul, you'll get to try a variety of traditional Korean snacks, street foods, and teas, so you can experience the best that Seoul has to offer.

  • We'll begin by walking through one of the oldest and biggest food markets in Seoul to sample a little bit of everything. We'll start with a hot bowl of freshly cut noodles in a tasty fish broth.
  • Next, we'll try their most well-known dish: savory mung bean pancakes. Super crispy on the outside and really flavorful on the inside, dip it in the delicious soy sauce for the perfect bite!
  • We will then sample some of the fermented side dishes that Koreans refer to as 'banchan'. There is more to these side dishes than kimchi.
  • We'll continue our feasting with a bowl of bibimbap. There are 16 different types of vegetables that will go into this dish. It is made with barley rice, which makes for a much healthier option!
  • After filling up on all that delicious food, we'll get some dessert, and try a freshly made Korean donut and a super refreshing sweet rice drink.
  • To take a little break, we'll go for a walk through the historical area of Seoul. You'll see some hidden alleys throughout the walk along with an amazing view of the city, and get to take in the beauty of the Cheonggyecheon Stream.
  • Next up, we'll sneak into a hidden, modernized hanok area, where there are cute cafes, shopping, and desserts. We'll sample a unique take on the original hotteok (a rice pastry filled with cinnamon sugar).
  • We'll continue on to the vibrant and bustling streets of Insadong. In this beautiful area, you'll discover historical art galleries, traditional souvenirs, and get a taste of authentic Korean culture. We will take you to the first dumpling house in this area, where the dumplings are made fresh daily, and stuffed with tender beef rib meat.
  • We'll finish the tour in a beautiful, serene teahouse hidden in the back alleys of Insadong. They have some amazing teas that are made with fresh ingredients and flowers. The tea will be complemented with rice cakes and crispy snacks.

If you choose our upgraded drinks package:

  • Soju, a rice wine that Koreans drink every day
  • Makkeoli, a rice beer that perfectly compliments fried foods

Please note: the itinerary is subject to change, based on the locations availability and weather.

Why Jongro and Euljiro?

Jongro Neighborhood

These two areas are some of the most important areas in the history of Seoul. Euljiro is an area that dates back to the 1940s, and helped restructure the houses and landscape of Seoul after the Korean War. There are many amazing places to eat and see in this area that are steeped in Korea's unique culture and history.

The Jongro district is a large neighborhood with palaces, street food, and teahouses. You'll get to walk through a traditional area where you can buy souvenirs and sit in a serene teahouse while drinking some fresh Korean tea. Additionally, there are many free art galleries where you can view historical and modern paintings and sculptures.



How to book a tour with us

Hi Foodies - These tours are currently only running for private groups, please contact us for more info

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It is easy! You can book tickets online here. We begin our tours Monday-Friday at 9:30 a.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 a.m. We will send you the meeting place details before the day of the tour. Our culinary tour lasts for 3 hours and each one involves some walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. Due to the nature of creating a well balanced and thoughtful gastronomy experience, many of our tours are unable to accommodate certain dietary restrictions. Please contact us prior to booking your tour to see if we are able to accommodate your dietary needs. And don't forget to bring a camera! You will want to remember these great places if you come to Seoul again.