About Us - Secret Food Tours Rome

There is no doubt that Italian food is delicious and we've made it our goal to introduce visitors to the very best Rome has to offer. Since our small crew resides in Rome, we'll be sharing with you our local knowledge of the most delicious restaurants, markets, and boutiques. Our team of Italian guides will take you to eateries and food shops, beloved by the area's locals.

After travelling the world, Tommaso came back to Rome to show his beautiful city to all avellers. Tommaso can speak four languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese) and he knows Rome like the back of his hand. As an experienced tour guide in Rome, he will show you what everyone else is missing, including some of the tastiest treats this city has to offer.

Tommaso - Rome City Manager"As an Italian, loving and appreciating quality food is very much part of my culture, it is how we are raised. Therefore, it gives me real pleasure to show everyone the finest of Italian and Roman food in this wonderful and historic city. If you know where to go, fresh and delicious foods are plentiful in Rome but on this tour you will find exquisite tastes and flavours that you will remember for the rest of your life"
Tommaso, Rome City Manager