Searching for Berlin's Best Burgers


Sometimes all of us – no matter how much of a “foodie” we think we are – have a craving for something simple. Or, alternatively, it might be that we want something quick and easy because we are running late – and that's easy to do in a big city like Berlin where getting from A to B always seems to take twice as long as it does in a small town.

So I get it, to sort out your hunger, you just want a great burger.

Now Berlin has a lot of great burgers these days. But before I tell you where to go, here's my what to avoid list. It goes without saying that you would not wish to be seen dead in any of the American burger chains. They are seriously the very last resort.

But equally, you should avoid some of those who make it onto “top ten” lists. Whether Berlin or Buenos Aires, there's one fact you should know about these ratings. They tend to copy from one another – and often, the creators of these lists don't even bother to try out the thirty or forty restaurants you need to experience before you can even start to do a “best” or “top ten” list.

These lists keep pushing The Bird. If you believe its own website, this New York-inspired burger and steak place is heaven on earth. But Trip Advisor says it is only rated 1,784 out of 7,460 Berlin eateries. That means there are nearly two thousand better places to spend your food euros.

My advice is to avoid it at all costs. In my opinion, it is the worst burger in Berlin. You get a big blob of oddly cooked unseasoned meat on an English Muffin (which is not English) topped with American Cheese (neither American nor cheese). And that is not my idea of an adequate burger, let alone a great one.

Instead, try the little restaurant at 9 Revaler Strasse which manages to get everything right. There is no web page, but it's open daily from 11.00 to 23.00.

They serve real cheddar cheese, a sesame seed bun, the burgers properly salted and cooked to order, good fries and enough variations to make the whole family happy.

Take the U1 or the S5, 7 or 75 to Warshauer St. Station, only a five minutes walk.

There are plenty more to discover as many little burger places that have popped up all over Berlin. Most neighbourhoods have one and all are better than anything you find on a top 10 or best of list.

By Karl Wilder