Row 34 - Does it live up to “Boston Seafood at its finest” claims?

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By Nick Gale

The first thing to note when visiting Row 34 is the vast selection of local beers on offer. The craft beers are interesting both in flavour and in name. I’m the type of guy that orders a beer purely because I like the name, so when I saw “Static Electricity” and “Friends in Merlot Places”, I knew I was in for a treat, and at 8%, you’re getting a fair bit of bang for your buck.

Unfortunately for me, my companion accidentally spilt the entire glass of beer in my lap as soon as it arrived so it wasn’t until the second delivery that I was able to sample my “Static Electricity”. All the beers we tried were both tasty and refreshing so you’ll be sure to enjoy whichever you choose.

Now back to the food. One of the things I really liked about Row 34 was the “Raw Bar”. I have been eating sushi my entire life (OK, that’s an exaggeration!) so I am no stranger to raw fish, but like my father I’ve had an inexplicable lifelong aversion to oysters.

However, sitting in the Mecca of the oyster universe, it was time to cast out my fears and dive head first into a key element of New England culture. The Raw Bar menu can be pretty confusing on first inspection. Luckily I had an expert Bostonian by my side to take me through the menu.

Unbeknownst to me, there are different types of oysters, all with their own distinct taste and texture. We ordered a selection from the list and I was pleasantly surprised. The Row 34 oysters tasted extremely fresh and the salty water surrounding them was surprisingly balanced. Alongside some clams and raw tuna, this was a great way to start a meal.

Moving on to the main courses, some Boston classics that are worth sampling at Row 34 are the clam chowder and the lobster roll. The lobster roll is pretty pricey at $32 but shared between 2 people, it was enough to get all the delicious flavours whilst not breaking the bank. The clam chowder is very reasonable at $11 and was one of the best I had ever eaten. Incredibly creamy and again including all the fresh seafood that Row 34 is known for.

Our evening at Row 34 ended up being one of the most expensive of our trip to Boston so it might not be the place for you if you’re looking for a casual light lunch, but in our case, the lovely evening was worth the $60 a head we ended up spending (including drinks and tip) and I’d recommend it to anyone else looking to get the full Boston seafood experience.

Row 34 Location and Contact info:

Closest station: South Station

Phone: +1 617-553-5900

383 Congress St Fort Point, MA 02210