The Ultimate Father's Day Gift

Scret Food Tours Blog

Children of all ages – take note! It's Father’s Day on Sunday 16 June. Sure, you can buy him a card, but dads love presents too – especially if it’s something he’ll remember and be able to talk to his friends about.

That means no ties, no socks. Both are really, really boring – and will end up with all the others at the back of a drawer. One of those “World’s Best Dad” mugs is a step up – but he’s probably got two or three already.

What dads want is something they would never think of buying for themselves. They want an experience that stays in their thoughts for a long time. And that translates into your staying in their thoughts!

A Secret Beer Tour ticks all those boxes. In five global cities, dads (and non-dads) get an ale adventure that shows just how beautiful beer can be.

Micro-breweries, craft companies, and more established firms trying harder have revolutionised the scene. On a Secret Beer Tour, you get a guide (a mine of local knowledge about the locality as well as brewing) who will show a new side to the ales, lagers, stouts, milds, wheat beers, white beers and bitters of that city.

There are now Secret Beer Tours in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Prague and Toronto – all cities where one time “beer deserts” have been replaced by a vibrant scene – and some amazing flavours.

Even long term residents are bowled away. I know – the Secret Beer Tour: London introduced me to places and to ales whose existence was previously a closed book. One was a city pub which brews its own on the premises – it uses the process waste to feed fish for its restaurant. That’s zero food miles.

Your dad will learn how making lager differs from stout or bitter. And he’ll see just how things have changed from the days of massive industrial breweries churning out millions of pints and liters of tasteless fizz. Both somethings he can tell his mates!

The tours are all on foot – and there are lots of opportunities to sample the beers (included in the tour price). And because these tours come from Secret Food Tours, there’s always a secret place or beer that’s not on the itinerary.