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By booking Secret Food Tours Prague you'll get the rare opportunity to stop being a tourist and become a local for the day. On our tour you will get to try some of our best and most unique dishes: local hams and sausages, amazing soups, our famous "Knedlíky," a Czech signature dish created in Prague in the 19th century. And of course our beer... Citizens of Czech Republic are proud to be the #1 consumers of beer. As you will be a local for a day, your consumption of beer is almost a requirement. As our way of thanking you, let us show you how to eat like a Czech, drink like a Czech (if you have what it takes), talk like a Czech, swear like a Czech, think like a Czech and most importantly laugh like a Czech.
You simply must "Czech" this tour out :)

Upgraded Drinks Package

For those 18 and over with a valid ID, we are excited to offer an upgraded drinks package. As you may know, Czech culture is not only about the food, it's about the drinks too. A lot of drinks. So why not give yourself the complete Czech experience, and upgrade your Secret Food Tours experience.

This upgrade option can only be purchased in addition to the food tour and is not available by itself. For more details and information on the drinks and the alcohol package, click here


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Prague Culinary food tour


Culinary food tour

Culinary secret food tour


Food Tour Prague

Mother of the Czech Nation and Prophetess, Libuše said of Prague, "I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars." Her 8th century prophecy about Prague has come true. There is no city like Prague and we want to show you why.

The Czech Republic is referred to as the Heart of Europe; Prague is the heart of the Czech Republic. It is a magical city where legends come to life. Each of our narrow streets are full of mysteries, history, and hidden gems. In addition, we have lovely parks, breathtaking views, and of course, wonderful cuisine. When you take our Secret Food Tours for Prague you will get to experience it all.

About Our Prague Food Tour

Prague Secret Food Tour


The Malá Strana Area


Prague Food Tour

Prague is a beautiful and unique city with incredible history. It's filled with beautiful architecture, monuments, breathtaking views and hard-working people. By taking Secret Food Tours Prague we step in like a friend to help you avoid tourist traps, so you can experience Prague in a totally unique and special way. Let us show you the difference between tradition and a trap, and separate the truth from fiction. Our tour will take you away from the main crowded streets so that you can eat and drink with the locals.

We love our city and we want to help you fall in love with Prague as well. In addition to our love of beer, food is an important part of Czech culture, and a big part of our tour. But our Prague tour is not only about food. You will learn about how our history, culture, food, and drink collide to make Prague such a unique city.

Prague food tour