Dejvice Beer Tour in Prague

Secret Beer Tours


The neighborhood we'll be exploring combines the strict socialist architecture of the Victory square (formerly known as the Great October Socialist Revolution Square) and the hip atmosphere of one of the oldest university campuses in the country.

  • We'll start at one of the newest mini breweries in Prague, which in their first year of operation managed to snag the "King of Prague" award in the lager category.
  • You'll get an exclusive behind the scenes look at an award-winning microbrewery. The head brewer will guide you through the brewing process as we go.
  • We'll see, smell, and touch (maybe even sample) all of the ingredients used for brewing.
  • Taste young beer straight from the maturation tanks and compare it to the same (but final) beer from the tap.
  • You'll visit a secret shop with the largest selection of Czech beers, and discover some of the rarities.
  • Try 8-9 craft beers from all over Czech Republic and discover the vast variety of available brews.
  • Learn about the history of Czech beer.
  • Talk to people who make, sell, and love beer, ask questions, and have fun!
  • And of course there's our Secret Sip, a sensational seasonal brew

When you choose our Food Upgrade you get:

  • Pickled cheese with beer bread roll

Please note: the itinerary and beer choices are subject to change, based on the availability.

Why Dejvice?

Dejvice Prague

Prague 6 is the largest and most popular residential district in Prague, and Dejvice is the heart of this district. Your Prague guidebook may not send you here, but it is actually one of the most interesting parts of the city. With the first mentions of the area dating back to the 11th century, it has a lot of history, however the current aesthetic is the socialist architecture style of the first half of the 20th century. Among others, Dejvice is home to the Ministry of Defence, National Army Headquarters, district City Hall, Stalin inspired hotel, and more.

Another big part of Dejvice is a technical college campus with many modern constructions. As we all know, students love their beer, which is one of the reasons why you'll find some of the best pubs here.


How to book a tour with us

This tour is available for Group & Private Tours of 6 or more.

This tour is available for Group & Private Tours of 6 or more.

It is easy! You can book tickets online here. We begin our tours at 4:00 pm. We'll send you the meeting place details the day of the tour. Our beer tour lasts about 3 hours, and there is a little bit of walking, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. Don't worry, though: there are no hills and no staircases. Your guide will stay with you throughout the tour. You can email us with any questions here.