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From wine houses to taverns and bodegas, meandering through the winding streets of Porto's medieval architecture will allow you to see the world through our eyes, and truly live like locals. Our Secret Urban Wine Tour: Porto is a journey through the senses; the sights, sounds, and smells of our city will be the perfect backdrop to the exclusive wines you'll taste.

Our English-speaking, wine-loving guides will introduce you to their favorite wines across Porto and the northern region of Portugal. We'll even try a local magic potion, a secret wine concoction entirely unique to the stop we have chosen. Along the way you'll gain a deeper understanding of Portuguese wine and its amazing diversity. All of this in a city that perfectly balances the feeling of a small fishing village with the atmosphere of a thriving cultural hub.

Upgraded Food Package

Upgrade your Secret Urban Wine Tour: Porto with delicious small bites that perfectly pair with the wine you'll be served. This upgrade cannot be purchased by itself, it must be purchased in conjunction with a wine tour. For more details, click here.

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Portugal has always been a country of magnificent wines. For centuries, wine has been deeply ingrained within our culture, economy, and culinary traditions. On this tour you'll learn how every aspect of the wine production process matters; the soil, grapes, humidity, temperature, and of course, how best to enjoy it.

Your experience will include five stops with progressive Urban Wine Tours, and each wine you'll taste tells a story. Your guide will provide all the information you'll need to understand and enjoy our wine-infused culture.

Please be aware the legal drinking age in Portugal is 18. Therefore, we are unable to take children or people under this age.
However our food tour is child and family friendly, and a great option for children over 6.

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