About Us - Secret Food Tours Porto

We are local Porto residents and avid foodies with a deep love for our city's food and history. We'll lead you on a unique journey through our culinary roots and the incredible stories behind what makes Porto such an amazing place to explore and discover an authentic Portuguese experience. You will leave our tour full of flavorful food and a greater understanding of the culture that created this special city.

Carlos - Porto City Manager"I come from a traditional family from the city of Porto, with origins in the old city where my grandfather sold codfish. I grew up in an environment where eating was also a demonstration of love and sharing of good practices. My family met on Sundays for lunch and dinner, and the table always exceeded 20 people, in order from the oldest to the youngest. The ingredients were quintessentially Portuguese: bread, olives, wine, cod, sardines, and the classic sweets. The meals were always very loud, in a true Mediterranean style, with several conversations at the same time and lots of laughs. These memories accompany me to this day and are part of my way of being and feeling. When I welcome someone in my city, I want you to feel at home, opening your heart to let yourself be involved by the warm and emotional culture of the city of Porto"
Carlos, Porto City Manager