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Most famously known as the birthplace of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Philadelphia offers so much more than rich American history. Philly has an amazing culinary scene just waiting to be explored, however it can be difficult to find the best authentic food among such a wide array of restaurants. Our mission is to show you the spots where locals themselves eat and drink, and the hidden walkways that transport you right into the 18th century. Yo, welcome to Philly!

Joe is a native Philadelphian, and has been giving tours for 7 years. Explore the historical markets and neighborhoods at a leisurely pace, While His passion for his cities food history will both astound, and excite your mind and taste buds.

Our tours are small and intimate to make sure that our guests receive a personalized experience.

"This tour allows our guest to dive deep into Philly culture. You'll feel like you've been in Philly for years, bypassing all the mediocre places saving you time and money. Experiencing an adventure even some locals aren't in the know of, captivating your taste buds, leaving you absolutely satisfied yet wanting more!"

Joe, Secret Food Tours Philadelphia