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On your Secret Urban Wine Tours: Paris we'll take you on a journey through senses, whilst gaining knowledge on why wines are so versatile in France and how we pair them with our food on a daily basis. On this tour, there's no need to be a Master Sommelier, our goal is to present the wines of France in an accessible and friendly environment where you'll feel right at home.

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Upgrade your Secret Urban Wine Tour: with small bites selected to pair with the wine you'll be served. This upgrade cannot be purchased by itself, it must be purchased in conjunction with a wine tour. For more details, click here.

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The neighbourhood of Montmartre is at the heart of Paris, filled with restaurants, bars and cafes where locals and tourists alike can take advantage of the thriving food and drink scene found in this quaint area.

Your guide, a local wine lover, will take you on a journey through the stories behind our wines and its unique heritage, the techniques we use to create our wines, and little known facts about several of the wines you'll be enjoying.

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