Pastry Class

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  • Our Pastry Class is taught by 2 experienced Pastry Chefs: Hugo who currently works at the famous Plaza Athénée Hotel, Paris and Noémi who learnt everything she knows at famous Culinary Institute LeNôtre!
  • Learn the secret art of making the finest and most delicious flavours of macarons, that only the best french pastry chefs know.
  • Finish by tasting your macarons accompanied with tea or coffee and impress your friends by taking the rest of your macarons home with you.


Macarons are one of the most interesting pastries to experience as they can come in a huge variety of flavours and colours; some very traditional such as Coffee Cream and some pretty outlandish, such as Chocolate Passion Fruit. Pastry lovers often say that tasting a Macaron is like tasting heaven... but the finest macarons are made with secret recipes that only top french pastry chef’s know. And all will be revealed during this class…

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How to book a tour with us

It’s easy! You can book tickets online click here.
Our Pastry class is in English and will last around three hours. We work in two different places as we have two different chefs!
Both classes will take place in a beautiful and modern kitchen. Once you book your pastry class, we will send you all the information you need.
We remind you that Macarons are gluten-free but you can always make requests about any special dietary requirements such as any food allergies.
And don’t forget to bring a camera, you’ll want to remember this great moment and show it to all your family and friends for when they come to Paris.

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